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The stage and rate of development of cancer

Science has made massive progress over the past decade. Many created new drugs and therapies, however, cancer continues to take so many lives. Statistics disappointing: cancer mortality occupies the first place in many countries.

Why is this happening? Cancers behave very cunningly. They couldn't be felt or appear quite non-specific symptoms. Some tumors are detected accidentally, when the person is unable to help. In other cases, people ignore the signals of the body, do not seek medical attention until the changes in the body will not be a threat. In some cases, cancer develops so rapidly that it is simply impossible to do anything. The worst part of cancer is that after successful treatment the cancer cells suddenly become active again and give a recurrence or metastases occur.

As a rapidly developing cancer?

razvitie rakaThe speed of the development of cancerous tumors can be different. Mostly it depends on what organ the tumor appeared. For example, lung cancer is one of the most intractable diseases. It very often leads to death, about a million people annually carries this type of cancer. If sick old man, without treatment, he likely wouldn't live more than two years. The treatment is prolonging the patient's life, the young organisms are better able to resist the destructive action of the tumor. In the case of liver cancer, people may burn out the eyes for several months. Thyroid cancer often develops slowly, perhaps even within 10 years.

Of course, a lot depends on the condition of the patient. Moreover, it is important not only as physical but also psychological. Some people, upon learning of the disease, immediately give up, as they say, put on a cross. The body in this state of mind is unable to resist cancer. If the person perceives the illness as a temporary problem that can be overcome, then the chances of survival and prolongation of active life several times more.

Symptoms which may indicate a possible suspected cancer:

  • Discomfort in any body
  • Weakness, chronic fatigue,
  • Fever,
  • Changing the state of the skin and hair,
  • The presence of seals in the tissues,
  • Weight loss.

These symptoms are common to all types of cancer. The tumor has a General toxic effect on the body, this leads to a given set of manifestations. However, all these symptoms, as a rule, is typical for later stages.

Stage of cancer

  • The first stage of DNA damage, the appearance of atypical cells start uncontrolled division of pathogenic cells.
  • The second stage of tumor invasion.
  • The third stage is characterized by active multiplication of cancer cells, accompanied by metastases.
  • The fourth stage of the latter. Symptoms of last stage of cancer are manifested most clearly. Cancer cells penetrate into many other bodies, forming distant metastases. The sick feeling unwell, often losing interest in life.

Survival in the last stages of cancer differs markedly. Diagnosed with lung cancer 10% of patients have a chance to live 5 years. Gastric cancer such patients is 15-20%. Cancer of the liver or pancreas, leaving opportunities for the next 5 years, only 5% of patients.

Cancer treatment

lechenie rakaThe most common method of treatment remains surgery. In addition to her medical treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, much depends on follow-up care. In cases where the condition is hopeless, resorting to the methods of palliative therapy. It is those methods that can facilitatethe suffering of the sick man and make his life at least a little more comfortable.

Late-stage cancer patients experience severe pain, so they prescribed drugs and drugs to reduce pain. Often the person is in such a state that he could not serve himself and needs help and constant care. Help the cancer patient may have one of his loved ones, also for some time it can be placed in a hospital or hospice, where there will be the main treatment.

Of course, the cancer diagnosis for the person and for his family often becomes an ordeal. However you need to remember that no matter how bad, there is always a percentage of those who overcomes the disease.