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Celandine for cancer

Probably, there is no such plant, which goes so much conflicting information as celandine. You got to admit the fact that, starting with our ancient ancestors it was used as a medical facility, and quite successfully. What do you know about this plant?

Facts about celandine

fakty o chistoteleCelandine is a plant of the poppy family. The juice of the plant contains substances which, if improperly used can be toxic. Credited with the ability to help, at least at 250 different diseases including cancer and skin problems.

Poison celandine is most often given as an argument that it should not be taken in any way that its use can only bring harm to humans, especially immunocompromised. But think about that almost every drug really is actually all the same poison, and some literally are made with its use. Therefore, a correct dosage of the poison plants can contribute to destruction of harmful germs in our body.

It should be recognized that in some cases, the patients receiving the infusion of the cancer in fact recovered through hypnosis, but others, the majority do benefit due to its healing impact of plants. The main thing that no one can say what the effect really is. And for some reason he achieved, perhaps, not so important, because especially in the case of cancer patients the success of treatment depends entirely on the hope and a positive mindset.

Prepare a tincture

nastojkaFor the potion you will need the whole plant. Do not dispose of any of its parts, from leaves and ending with the root system. Remove all dirt from the plants including earth and dry leaves. Cleaned the plant twist in a meat grinder, the resulting mass squeezed, using medical gauze. Pure juice is not to ingest in any case it should be diluted with liquid such as water or alcohol in the case of the preparation of alcoholic tinctures.

Remember that celandine is indeed poisonous, so possible signs of toxicity after initiation of treatment, so don't forget to listen to the body and signs of acute poisoning, stop taking the drug and contact your doctor. A strong overdose may lead to unpleasant consequences in some cases, even to partial or full paralysis.

Fight the tumor on the body

If the tumor is on the body of a man may be thoroughly affected area with clean juice. To do this, apply the juice on the location of the tumor. Wait until it is completely absorbed into the body, and then liberally lubricate the skin. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times during the day. Lubricate the affected area one treatment can be up to five times. This treatment is contraindicated in all patients with health problems associated with asthma, epilepsy or severe heart failure. If any of the above problems does not bother you, you can safely begin treatment.

Where to get juice in the winter?

In the winter time it is impossible to get rid pure. So you can either prepare the juice with the stock, prepare a tincture, or you can use the ointment prepared on the basis of celandine.

Harvests the juice. Twist on juicer celandine squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting juice pour into a dark container, close tight sealed with a lid and put in a cellar or any other dark and cool place.
Important! You cannot store the juice of celandine in the refrigerator low temperature completely removes from it healing properties.

src="/cancer/images/121-2.jpg" title="tincture chistotela" alt="tincture chistotela">In the first few days it is important from time to time to lift the lid. In order to accumulated in the Bank of Gaza could go outside and glass containers burst.

Produce ointment. The juice of the plant during long-term storage may ferment and come into disrepair, so in winter cancer treatment celandine can be performed using ointment. They can cook on their own. Harvested in the winter celandine should be well dried. Then it must be thoroughly crushed. For these purposes, you can use a regular electric grinder. Carefully sift the mixture and separate the resulting flour from large fractions of the plant. The resulting composition mix equal parts vaseline and lanolin. The resulting ointment can be used throughout the year.

Make the infusion. To take an infusion of an enamel bowl. In her bed one tablespoon of chopped celandine (dry in winter or fresh in summer) and pour a glass of boiling water. After that, we put the dishes and use a water bath bring to readiness in a period of 15 minutes. Take the resulting concentrated extract and add boiled water. The total volume of tincture should equal 200 ml ready mix, take 20 minutes Before each meal. Infusion can be consumed within two days after manufacturing, after which you should make a new one.

How to get rid of cancer using Chelidonium?

Cancers are quite resistant to any kind of influence, so when treatment is necessary to apply large doses of the drug. For successful control, you can use the following recipes tinctures of greater celandine for cancer.

1. Dry chopped herbs put in a bowl in the amount of five tablespoons. Pour the powder in a liter of boiling water, leave the jar on low heat. Continue heating the liquid for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the broth for two hours, cover it with a lid. After the tool has cooled, strain it through cheesecloth. This infusion can be used as compresses for cancer of the skin. Effective treatment also of the skin, boils and other diseases.

2. Take tincture (recipe is in the graph, make a tincture) gradually increasing the consumed quantity of the drug. Admission should be start with one drop diluted 50ml of boiled water. Increase intake, one drop each day until the daily rate equals 15 drops. Then continue to drink the tincture in this volume until complete recovery. The infusion should be consumed on an empty stomach approximately 1 hour prior to the morning meal.

Is it possible to increase the efficiency of funds?

kalendula Yes. You can increase the effectiveness of the product by using it with other herbs. Most often recommend its use along with nettle and calendula. To prepare this infusion take equal parts of all three types crushed herbs. 250 ml of tincture need 1 tbsp. spoon of dry powder. Make the infusion in a thermos. 1 tablespoon of each herb fall asleep in a thermos and fill with boiling water. Insist until cool. Ready infusion is used orally for 100ml. half an hour before meals.

It is also possible during cancer treatment to take a tonic bath, which increase the immunity of the person. To prepare the bath before the water add dry celandine, or a mixture of different herbs. Pour hot water. After the water has cooled to tolerance, you can take a bath without drying after it is dry. This bath will raise the immunity and promote overall healing of the body.

And lastcelandine really has medicinal properties, but it must be remembered that since the days of Hippocrates, the main rule of all practitioners is the law: "do No harm". Taking celandine inside it is necessary to remember this important rule. Nausea, retching, limb numbness is a direct indication of the discontinuation of the drug. Before use, it would be good to consult with a good herbalist and practicing to get more information about all the nuances of such treatment. Only in this case you really achieve good results by taking the plant inside.