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What can I do to better withstand chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a procedure in which the patient is injected the drug weakens and destroys the malignant cells. In addition, with the help of chemotherapy to treat infectious diseases and parasites. This negative effect on healthy cells, resulting in the violation of their functions, the development of inflammation, redness and swelling, infiltration and tissue necrosis. Because chemotherapy drugs affect many of the rapidly dividing cells of the body, preparing for chemotherapy is of great importance to minimize the possible negative effects of treatment, such as fatigue, fever, General intoxication of the organism.

himioterapiyaThe introduction into the organism of chemotherapy possible ways:

  • intravenously;
  • oral;
  • intra-arterial (this selects the artery that is closest to the malignant tumor);
  • intraperitoneally (in this method the drug goes directly into the peritoneum);
  • in the form of ointments;
  • with injections.

Chemotherapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment, in combination with radiation or after surgery. Using chemotherapy to cure cancer at an early stage, to slow tumor growth or reduce its size, to destroy metastases and prolong the life of the patient in the last stages of cancer.

How to prepare your body for chemotherapy?

The negative effects of chemotherapy depend on the age of the patient, the underlying disease and concomitant diseases and symptoms, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. Some drugs can cause baldness, so in this case it is better to choose a suitable wig.

During the treatment with chemotherapeutic agents it is necessary to minimize physical activity. Therefore, during treatment you need to go to the hospital or to take leave from work. In addition, it is necessary to abandon bad habits such as Smoking.

lekarstvennye sredstvaHow to prepare for chemotherapy:

  • in the first place to treat related diseases;
  • then you need to cleanse the body from accumulated in it of toxic substances that had accumulated there due to the illness and actions of drugs;
  • to protect with the help of drugs the liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow (drugs prescribed physician);
  • to find moral support (good moral support from professional psychologists, as well as loved ones or those who have completed chemotherapy and have recovered).

Cleansing the body with chemotherapy is necessary in order to improve the effectiveness of the drug. The fact that the chemotherapy drugs target a specific type of receptors. With constant inflammation or due to severe intoxication, these receptors may not respond to treatment.

How easier to transfer the chemotherapy, I can tell the people who have gone through this. This conversation will help the person to understand what will happen to him during chemotherapy, to dispel some fears and misconceptions.

Prior to chemotherapy, during it and after spending phytosterolemia. It consists in taking the patients inside extracts and extracts of various plants and herbal tinctures. The herbs used to prepare the body to chemotherapy, should have anti-inflammatory action. After the course of chemotherapy are assigned to the herbs possessing anti-toxic, regenerative and hepatoprotective properties. Fees applied in chemotherapy, must consist of safe herbs that are compatible with any medications.

How to postpone chemotherapy should consult withyour doctor oncologist. The most common recommendations for all types of chemotherapy is to treat teeth. Women are recommended before treatment to go on consultation to the gynecologist.

Tests in preparation for chemotherapy

erbisolaChemotherapy drugs affect the whole body, but mostly in the liver. After all, it protects the body against toxic impact of intake of substances. To determine the status of the liver before chemotherapy necessarily carried out biochemical analysis of blood. Also, this analysis is done after a course of treatment. Before chemotherapy, the patient should take the tests for enzymes and bilirubin. In which the doctor will determine the condition of the liver.

Prior to chemotherapy to protect the liver, the patient is assigned hepatoprotectors type of Erbisol, Ursofalk or gepabene. If health after chemotherapy suggests the presence of liver failure, by comparing the biochemical blood analysis with the analysis made before the start of chemotherapy, defined as deteriorated liver function. In the case of liver failure chemotherapy is interrupted.

Nutrition during chemotherapy

In preparation for chemotherapy need to pay special attention to nutrition and to accustom the body to the diet. Usual diet should be fully revised. In the treatment of chemotherapy it is important to get sufficient for life amount of vitamins and calories.

Because chemotherapy can affect cells of the stomach, the food must be fresh, easy to digest, not greasy and not spicy, not fried, not salty, etc. a Diet that can ease side effects of chemotherapy in each case, tell the doctor.

When chemotherapy excluded from the diet of any alcoholic beverages, sweets, any food that contains large amounts of sugar. Food should be taken at the same time, and the number of calories consumed must be balanced against the amount spent.

You should not take in food in preparation for chemotherapy supplements, medicines or folk remedies without consulting your physician.