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Effective treatment of liver cancer

Liver cancer is a primary lesion of this organ the cancer process. The incidence of this disease is about 3%. In other cases, we are talking about liver metastases. These tumors can originate both from the proper hepatic tissue and epithelium of the bile ducts. In addition, it should also be mentioned, and liver cancer, which develops on the background of cirrhosis.

Principles of treatment of liver cancer

Treatment of liver cancer should be conducted timely and comprehensive manner to achieve the best result, using all available methods for specific clinical situation.

Of all the methods that are used in Oncology to date, the treatment of primary malignant liver lesions based on the use of surgical removal of the tumor focus and chemotherapeutic effects on cancer cells.

When choosing a method of treatment, the oncologist needs to consider the following factors:

  • the size of the tumor;
  • its histological structure;
  • the number of tumor lesions;
  • the location of the cancer process;
  • cirrhosis of the liver, which negatively affects the patient's condition and prognosis;
  • concomitant pathology;
  • metastasis to different organs;
  • the condition of the portal vein, which collects blood from the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Radical treatment of liver cancer

How to treat liver cancer drastically? Main methods are:

  • full surgical removal of the primary tumor;
  • transplantation of the liver.

However, these techniques are very limited in their application. This is due to several reasons which are as follows:

  • the impossibility of radical treatment if affected portal vein, as the risk of bleeding is very high;
  • in the presence of cirrhosis of the liver to count on a favorable outcome can not be counted;
  • a small number of donor liver;
  • complexity in the selection of compatible donors;
  • the need to use immunosuppressive drugs after a liver transplant, which further reduces immunity, including antitumor. This creates conditions for recurrence of the cancer process.

In order to carry out radical removal of the tumor focus, you must meet the following conditions:

  • cancer should affect only one portion of that body, and the second needs to remain intact;
  • should be free of metastases in other organs.

Given all these nuances, the operational methods of treatment of liver cancer can only be applied to 20-30% of cases. In other cases, this type of treatment has its contraindications, which require other methods of influence on the pathological focus.

Chemotherapeutic treatment of liver cancer

himioterapiyaChemotherapy for liver cancer is used in those cases where it is not possible to carry out the surgical treatment, or as a complement to this method of treatment. All chemotherapy drugs to achieve maximum efficiency it is necessary to enter in the artery, which participates in the blood supply to the tumor focus.

How is it determined? The main method that allows to identify the feeding arteries is angiography. It is a method of x-ray examination that involves the use of a contrast agent is distributed over the arterial system.

If treatment of the tumor be of large size, it is necessary to use special methods of chemotherapeutic drugs. Usually used introduction of emboli with cytotoxic drugs in the lumen of the artery, which creates the greatest concentration of active substance in the area of the cancer process. With the samethe purpose can be applied blockage foamy substance arterial trunk feeding the tumor.

Alternate treatment options

However, in some cases requires the implementation of an alternative treatment to those patients who cannot be applied neither surgery nor chemotherapy. In this case we are talking about the use of 96% alcohol and/or trichloroacetic acid.

These substances dramatically disturb the metabolism in the area of cancer growth, which leads to the death of the rapidly dividing tumor cells. In order for this method to be effective, the tumor size should be less than 3 cm, and metastasis to other organs should be absent. The active substance must be entered directly in the pathological focus, using injection method. Thanks to this method the survival rate of patients with liver cancer who have contraindications to other treatments, has increased significantly.

New ways of treating liver cancer

vrachSince cancer is a scourge of modern humanity, it is constantly conducted research and development on methods for early preclinical diagnosis and most effective treatment. It is possible to create and introduce into medical practice the treatment of liver cancer using laser energy and heat energy. Most often used by local ablation of the tumor.

The techniques are good because they allow you to effectively kill tumor cells, preventing their dissemination (spread) throughout the body. As a result, it prevents the recurrence of the disease. In addition, these treatments are virtually organo-preserving, that is, the liver or part of it saved. Therefore, the functions of this body, do not fall.

What should be the diet in the treatment of liver cancer

Nutrition for liver cancer should pursue the following objectives:

  • to help the body cope with this pathological process;
  • to make up the loss of those nutrients that are lost in the development of cancer;
  • applicants should possess anticancer activity;
  • necessary intake of vitamins in sufficient quantity;
  • to neutralize the negative effects of chemotherapy drugs.

On this basis, it is recommended to eat certain foods in the diet, which will benefit the body. These include:

  • tomatoes – they contain lycopene boosts the immune system against cancer
  • garlic and plants of the family Solanaceae (e.g., potatoes) have a similar effect;
  • vegetables and fruits that contain large amounts of roughage. It helps to remove toxic products of metabolism from the body;
  • fatty fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel) at the expense of its constituent polyunsaturated fatty acids are able to neutralize free radicals, preventing metastasis of tumor, etc.

To adhere to proper nutrition should not only in the development of the cancer process in the body, but constantly. This will protect the person from cancer. Besides the proven scientific fact is that, when eating fruits and vegetables five times a day is able to reduce by 30% the risk of cancer. This is especially true of tomatoes.

Treatment of liver cancer with traditional methods

vrachiLiver cancer treatment folk remedies is completely ineffective. It's a waste of precious time, which then did not return. Therefore, it is necessary to trust the professionals. Cancer treatment is always very serious, therefore, should be based only on scientifically proven facts.

To cure malignant tumor of the liver anyfolk remedies could not. They can be used only as a Supplement to the basic therapy, because it allows to mobilize internal reserves of an organism against the pathological process.

In conclusion, it should be noted that liver cancer is one of the most problematic pathological processes developing in the human body. Its danger lies in the fact that he later diagnosed, and it dramatically reduces the chances of recovery. However, the use of modern techniques allows radically to cope with the tumor cells, preventing relapse of cancer. For maximal effectiveness of treatment it is necessary to begin in the shortest possible time, not wasting time on the use of folk remedies.