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Effective treatment of cancer

toksinyAt a certain time for each body, its cells are replaced with new, the process occurs in the human body throughout his life. However, in these stages, you may experience internal and external factors that cause structural and functional changes in the new cells. The human body is daily exposed to the harmful effects of harmful environmental factors, namely:

  • cosmic radiation entering our atmosphere due to the deterioration of the ozone layer;
  • the presence of toxins in the environment;
  • reducing the oxygen supply of our planet.

All these causes have the greatest impact on the human body.

Internally, stress causes major endocrine disorders in the body. These disorders affect the immune system and the body cannot protect itself from the action of pathogenic microorganisms, especially viruses. The effect of viruses on the cells of the body stimulates the emergence and development of malignant tumors. In our time folk remedy for cancer are gaining in popularity because through these methods it is possible not only to recover from a terrible disease, but not harm the body.

Herb miracle healing

The healing power of nature has been used throughout history in the treatment of cancer. The effectiveness of the treatment of cancer folk remedies of our ancestors proved even in our time, their actions and successes.

The active ingredients in herbs is aimed directly at the causes that contributed to the emergence and development of tumors, regardless of their nature. The active substances of each component medicinal herbs of cancer complementary and participate in the healing process as a whole.

In the treatment of cancer with herbs, active substances affect the abnormal cells and help decide its healthy structure. The cell resumes its function and its normal operation, restoring their energy and organic structure. At the same time, stops the division of cancer cells due to the active substances of herbs.

Cancer treatment celandine

chistotelThe use of folk methods in the fight against cancer have been used. In order to reduce the pain, to stop the division of cancer cells, people have used mushrooms for cancer, medicinal plants and other methods. For example, the use of the plant in traditional medicine prompted a number of scientific studies of its effectiveness. Although further research is required, it is evident that the plant has powerful properties boost immunity, thus, this medicinal plant may be useful for cancer patients.

The reception of celandine in any dosage forms, activates the lymphatic system, increasing its functionality several times. Cancer treatment celandine is generally carried out with other methods of treatment, more efficiently. Celandine when it enters the body of the patient, his active substances begin to fight with cancer cells.

As treatment celandine used such methods:

  • The infusion. Teaspoon shredded celandine, mix with one Cup of boiling water in a thermos and wait 2-3 hours. Drink three times a day for 3 SIPS.
  • Fresh juice of celandine. Can be used, both internally and lubricate the affected areas of skin (for skin cancer).
  • Broth. One tablespoon of chopped herbs per Cup of water to boil for about 7-10 min. You can keep the decoction of celandine in a thermos no more than 2-3 days. In the refrigerator the broth celandine can be stored up to 5 days.

Large doses of celandine contain a high concentration and apply this method only when the kidney is completely healthy.

The soda treatment for cancer

title="curing cancer with baking soda" alt="curing cancer with baking soda ">Cure cancer with baking soda is another natural method. Baking soda used as a natural treatment for many years for the treatment of colds, flu and many other diseases.

Studies have shown that baking soda is effectively used for the treatment of cancer. However, soda is usually used in combination with some other recommendations. There are also options recommendations for using baking soda for cancer, it can be introduced through the mouth or intravenously. One recent study published in the journal cancer research showed that sodium bicarbonate raises the pH in tumors and reduces cancer metastasis.

In addition to soda people have adapted to treat cancer with kerosene, only with him you need to be fairly careful and use only purified. Incorrect use of this method without expert advice, the effect can be completely reversed and cause complications.

Propolis in the fight against cancer

Propolis is another effective way to combat cancer cells after prolonged treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, which weaken the patient's immune system and destroy healthy cells.

Cancer treatment with propolis may also have importance in the prevention of cancer. Coffee acid one of the active ingredients in propolis to prevent the formation of tumors. Propolis also showed strong cancer inhibitory effects against several types of cancer of the colon, melanoma and glioblastoma. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells, increasing the process of apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Mushrooms against cancer

People in ancient times used to treat fungi, trying to overcome an incurable disease. For cancer treatment fly agaric use only red mushrooms. They have a highly effective means to fight cancer cells. Amanita cancer is designed for the rehabilitation of oncological diseases before and after surgery radiotherapy. Their use decreases the risk of secondary tumors and metastases, normal function of the blood, improves immune system, decreases toxicity.

All the traditional methods in the fight against one of the most feared diseases, has to be discussed with a specialist. No need to mess with my health!