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Immunotherapy in Oncology

In Europe for a long time as a treatment methods of treatment is applied immunotherapy. Its essence involves the support and restoration of the immune system to fight off infections and diseases, including cancer. Of course, immunotherapy is used exclusively in tandem with traditional treatment. In the treatment of cancer rebuilding the immune system by using special agents with monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and growth factors.

Medical research

issledovaniyaThe first successes in the fight against cancer by recovery of the immune system was marked by studies of European and American scientists on vaccines to prevent infections. Further it was proved a direct effect of the immune system to fight the leukemia, in particular, is demonstrated in the practice of bone marrow transplantation.

Original research on the implementation methods of immunotherapy to combat cancer were conducted on animals. After receiving positive results only after 10 years of conducting three major studies have been proven effectiveness of these methods in relation to the human body.

In the beginning of 2000, published the results showing that the result of the treatment of cancer depends not on their size, and from the immune system of the sick person. The first vaccine for the prevention and treatment of cancers allowed to use in USA in 2006.

The positive side of immunotherapy

Restoration of the immune system during cancer treatment has long-term prospects. Many patients after application in combination with traditional methods of immunotherapy can be cured.

Though the method is comparatively new, the number of cancer patients who received immunomodulating drugs in the treatment process, few in number, but the first results indicate the following:

  • drugs for immunotherapy in tandem with chemotherapy improves the effectiveness of treatment for breast cancer and lymphoma;
  • the vaccine against prostate cancer contributes to a significant increase in the life expectancy of patients.


One of the areas of immunotherapy and herbal medicine in Oncology. Medicinal plants have proved highly effective in the prevention of recurrence and treatment of complications after application of chemotherapy. They also contribute to the removal of toxins and products of metabolism. Herbal medicine is used in complex treatment of patients with cancer in order pain relief and immune regulation, as well as antidepressant and sedatives.

fitoterapiyaTo stimulate production in the body interferon is widely used aloe Vera, ginseng, Arnica, Kalanchoe, plantain, mother and stepmother, Rhodiola, beans, licorice, Siberian ginseng, Echinacea.

As activators of the phagocytic activity of macrophages use Arnica, Astragalus, nettle.

Stimulation of interleukin-1 contribute knotweed, St. John's wort, nettle, lungwort, lemon balm, couch grass, agrimony, horsetail, hops, succession; interleukin-2 – elecampane, dandelion, plantain, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory; lysozyme – anise, geranium, carnation, coriander, onion, lavender, fir, rosemary, radishes, beets.

Of the complement system affect Arnica, ginseng, Basil, tarragon.

The stimulation of local immunity contribute to anise, birch, Arnica, witch hazel, sea buckthorn, green tea, chaga, sage, Echinacea; regulation of immune Astragalus, nettle, St. John's wort, lemon balm, marjoram, Siberian ginseng, sage.

To enhance the body's elements zinc use aloe, Arnica, anise, birch, barberry, ginseng, Laurel, ginger,lemon balm, cinquefoil, sage, currants; elements of selenium, aloe, Rhodiola rosea.

Immunotherapy in Oncology: side effects

The goal of cancer vaccines is to train the immune system against cancer cells. Therefore, most of such drugs are non-toxic (unlike traditional treatment) and does not harm healthy tissue. So it is possible to speak about absence of side effects.

However, the type of drugs and as cancer can lead to the appearance of some side effects, the most common of which are fever, rash, chills, low blood pressure.

Immunotherapy: the results of treatment

After conducting immunomodulatory therapy over the condition of cancer patients regular observation of the doctor. It is worth noting that to date, developed many effective methods of cancer treatment, including using methods of immunotherapy, but their effectiveness depends directly on the stage, when the disease was found.