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Immunotherapy in Oncology

Cancer is second in frequency distribution among other diseases. And for many, the diagnosis sounds like a death sentence, despite the fact that in most cases, the disease can be defeated. Hundreds of doctors and scientists never cease to look for safer methods of treatment. In addition to the classic treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, there are other ways of treatment of malignant tumors. One such method is immunotherapy. This method of treatment, hopes, as security is much higher than that of traditional methods of treatment.

What is immunotherapy in Oncology?

To understand what is immunotherapy, repeat what the immune system. Immunity is a protective mechanism of the body against the alien, is not peculiar to the body cells. Alien cells can be viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, etc. So, if the human body was formed Oncology, means the body's immune system "failed". And the task of immunotherapy in Oncology to establish this system and direct it to fight cancer.

From the foregoing it follows that immunotherapy in cancer is a stimulation of the immune system to production of special cells that will fight cancer.

What types and methods of immunotherapy in Oncology, the most studied and effective?

1.Vaccination. There are vaccines that prevent disease and vaccines that are struggling with an already existing disease. As prevention is the most famous vaccine is the vaccine against cervical cancer, as it is known that the disease (over 90%) are caused by a virus the human papilloma virus. Therefore, the vaccine is aimed at the production of immunity against the virus.

As a treatment for cancer, using vaccines that are based on malignant cells. In this case, cancer cells are withdrawn from the body, and in laboratory conditions are investigated, and the cells stop dividing them re-injected into the body of man. The immune system responds to the "new alien" cells and begins to struggle, and with it there is a struggle with cancer. Thus, if the immune system "wakes up" and notices the tumor, which was previously perceived as "his". That is, a specific immunity directed against the tumor.

immunoterapiya v onkologii 2.The use of cytokines. The functioning of the immune system is very complex and multifaceted process, where every cell of your link plays a crucial role. And when a link is not enough, then the disrupted immunity. So cytokines are specific proteins, which transmit information among cells others. Drugs based on cytokines already exist and are actively used in the fight against cancer, especially because the effectiveness of these drugs has been proved by many scientific studies.

3.The use of detoxicate, monoclonal antibodies, timogen, etc. – all these drugs are designed to stimulate the body to fight cancer and help the body eliminate toxins that accumulate in the treatment process.

4.Immunotherapy using TIL cells. These cells are isolated from cancerous tissue, which was removed surgically. Then in the laboratory they are propagated, and then re-injected into the body to prevent recurrence and to fully overcome the disease. TEAL-cells are much more active lymphocytes, so this method has proved its effectiveness.

5.Immunotherapy with T cells. It also specific cells that actively fight against malignant tumors. Can apply own T cells and cells of the donor.

All these methods are widely used to combatOncology. Some of them are still investigated and improved. The main thing you need to know the patient that any method of immunotherapy should be administered individually by a doctor-an oncologist to guide the immune system in the right direction. Because the activation of the immune system may contribute both to the fight against cancer and its development.

Are there natural methods of immunotherapy?

Even many oncologists suggest to use "folk" methods of immunotherapy, but in combination with traditional methods of treatment. After all, the development of cancer is affected by so many factors and it is important these factors to determine in the future to prevent. Thus, the auxiliary methods of immunotherapy to prevent cancer, and promote rapid recovery include: vitamin therapy, herbal therapy, air therapy, diet.

Vitamin therapy involves the use of special vitamin complexes, which affect metabolic processes, the formation of the immune system and prevent the development of cancer. So, vitamin preparations should contain:

  • selenium, it increases the activity of lymphocytes, and, consequently, immune response to malignancy. It was determined that selenium reduces the risk of malignant tumors and prevents the formation of metastases;
  • vitamin E is involved in the formation of antibodies and prevents the degeneration of the tissue into malignant;
  • zinc is responsible for the function of maturation of lymphocytes, and therefore the natural formation of the immune system.
  • iron contributes to the proper formation of cellular immunity;
  • magnesium prevents the occurrence of cancer. The places where sufficient magnesium in the soil, the water, and therefore in vegetables and fruit, the population knows nothing about Oncology;
  • folic acid participates in the formation of antitumor immunity, as it protects cells from the harmful effects of the environment.

All of these components can be taken as part of vitamin supplements and foods rich in them.

Herbal medicine in Oncology has shown good results and is often included in comprehensive treatment. The most efficient plants in the fight against cancer are:

  • licorice is one of the recognized traditional medicine is a plant that has anti-tumor properties. It not only inhibits their growth, but also stimulates the development of specific immunity. Glycyrrhizinic acid in the rhizome of this plant, prevents the development of many types of cancer, these data were confirmed both clinically and laboratory. At complex use of chemotherapy and licorice, the body is easier restores the protective forces and faster toxins;
  • rosemary contains many active biological substances such as chlorophyll, flavonoids and more, which stimulates the development of antitumor immunity;
  • chaga or birch fungus is the main component in anticancer drugs. Tea drinks on the basis of this mushroom is useful both as prevention and as a treatment for cancer. Chaga extract can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and even their death. Numerous experiments have proved the effectiveness of this plant against cancer;
  • ginger has long been known as a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antitumor agent. Its main feature in Oncology is to prevent the action of many carcinogens that contribute to cancer development;
  • ginseng as a result of numerous studies have shown that with regular use, the risk of cancers is reduced in 2 – 5 times. This is due to the inhibition of division of cancer cells and their apoptosis (death).

There are a number of plants with specific antitumor properties, such as propolis, aloe, turmeric, etc. However, before you doherbal medicine should consult with a doctor as they can cause not only allergic reactions but also have a number of contraindications.

Aerotherapy is used as an auxiliary method of treatment of cancer. Has beneficial effects on all tissues and organs. The method consists in the use of air-baths and long walks in the fresh air (if applicable). The method is aimed more at prevention and the recovery period after illness. Of course, the role played by the quality of the air, it must be either sea or mountain views.

The diet involves not only eating habits of cancer patients, but also the inclusion of special products that reduce the risk of the disease, and the duration of its flow. Such products include:

  • beets, in this case refers to the use of fresh beetroot juice. Numerous studies have shown that betaine, contained in beets, stops the development of tumors;
  • garlic supports the immune system and destroys substances (carcinogens) that cause cancer;
  • green tea has powerful antioxidant properties and promotes excretion of free radicals, which in large amounts contribute to cancer;
  • red pepper controls the level of nitrosamines in the body that cause cancer.

immunitet Immunity is the most important thing given to mankind by nature. Wasn't immune, mankind would long ago have died from the common cold or a small scratch. And we all must protect and strengthen. The condition of immunity, a very important component for cancer patients, as it determines the duration and the severity of the disease and even the outcome. And how to strengthen it, decides the doctor, because one sick enough to use folk remedies, and the other will need more radical methods. Remember that strengthen the immune system and means to protect health is our main goal to live a long and happy life. And stay healthy.