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How to ease chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy has different effect on those it passes. Someone safely tolerate such treatment. But in most cases, chemotherapy is becoming an ordeal. This kind of treatment prescribed for cancer. The aim of chemotherapy is to destroy cancer cells. However, the drugs affect cancer cells in addition to more and healthy. As a result of disrupted bodies, suffers from the General condition, there is a depletion of the nervous system, hair falls out. Many patients are looking for support before you start treatment, many people, knowing the consequences in advance to collect information on how to survive chemo.

Ways to facilitate tolerability of chemotherapy

  • The selection of such regimen (set of drugs) that will be transferred to a particular patient.
  • Herbal medicine. With the help of infusions and decoctions of herbs can support the immune system, remove toxicity, to increase the internal reserves of the body.
  • Diet.
  • Psychotherapy. Many patients diagnosis of cancer is perceived as a sentence. In this case, you must help them to change the direction of thought and life attitudes. Positive attitude, faith in victory over the disease often help restore health.

Side effects of chemotherapy. How to cope with them?

Reduction or loss of appetite

On the first day of treatment, anticancer drugs there is a decrease in appetite. It is important to understand that the body needs nutrients, so be sure to eat. Try to make sure that food was always somewhere nearby. It is noticed that the people in this case, eat more. In the intervals between courses of treatment, when normal appetite, increase your usual dose. Eat foods that contain large amounts of nutrients (honey, chocolate, nuts, eggs).So can reduce weight loss.

Measures to increase appetite:

  • Add in food, spices, wine or Apple cider vinegar.
  • Reception of decoction of wormwood, tincture of chaga, oregano.
  • A small amount of wine or beer (with doctor's permission).
  • The use of acidic and salty foods (cranberry, lemon, black currant juices, pickled vegetables).

Nausea and vomiting

How to ease chemotherapy that is complicated by unpleasant sensations such as nausea and vomiting? To prevent vomiting it is best to take special medication. And nausea can be reduced if you follow at least some of the recommendations.

Measures to reduce nausea:

  • Daily performance of breathing exercises. It is best in the morning and in the fresh air.
  • The use of before Breakfast something tart: cranberry, cranberries, slice of lemon, plum.
  • Eating small portions, but very often to the stomach was full and not feeling hunger.
  • Cool drink unsweetened drinks.
  • Slow eating, then the stomach will be filled slowly.
  • One should avoid eating directly before administration of the drugs.
  • You shouldn't use products with strong odor or those who have specific taste, fatty, fried foods, whole milk.
  • Should abandon too sweet and too savoury, spicy and very hot food.


To prevent the development of such complications or alleviate the symptoms is recommended to rinse your mouth dental elixirs, cooling the mouth with a piece of ice. Bring relief mouthwash soda or salt solution, decoctions St. John's wort, chamomile.

Try to avoid alcohol, spicy, hot, sour food, dry food, vegetables and fruits with high acid content. They irritate the mucous membrane of the mouth.

If stomatitis "played out", the diet should include cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, milk soup, mashed potatoes. All mealsneeds to be at room temperature. A good yield can be prepared baby food. It will not irritate the mucous membrane, that is, the healing process will not be complicated.

Hair restoration after chemotherapy

konsultaciya vrachaHair loss for many is a very big problem. They experience an inferiority complex due to having ceased to be attractive as before.

To hair loss can be a little prepared. For example, if before treatment to make a short cut, the hair loss will not look so scary.

The expectation of regrowth of new hair, some wear wigs, someone ties a scarf, and someone takes your new way calmly. After treatment the hair will grow back. However they can change to be more thick or thin, curly.

To hair after chemo growing back faster, you can use a simple recipe. Take equal amounts of castor and burdock oil. This mixture is applied on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Literally a week later you will see a small brush of new hair. The regeneration process will go faster.

In General, the recovery of the body after chemotherapy is completely in the hands of the patient. Faith in a good outcome, avoiding harmful habits, feasible regular physical exercise, proper diet here are the basic steps of victory over the disease.