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The treatment of cancer folk remedies

Cancers today are treated with medication, if necessary, the operation is done. But these diseases can be cured in a different way.

Method, confirmed by scientists

laboratornye issledovaniyaNo doctor will say that knows exactly how to cure cancer. But studies have shown that treatment of cancer with herbs really brings results. It is proven that people in a decoction of birch leaves and burdock works as a cancer patient, he really improves. In people famous the recipe of the infusion and from a burdock, which has also helped many patients. It is prepared as follows: cut into pieces burdock root are brewed in boiling water. Next, the warm infusion is taken half an hour before meals, three times a day for a third Cup. Interestingly, not only the Slavic Nations used burdock root for cancer, its therapeutic properties have long been known to the Japanese. In Japan, it is used to prepare a variety of medicinal tinctures.

But the mug is not the only plant that is recognized as medical professionals. Tincture Hemlock is not just recognized, it's even included in many of the countries in the list of drugs used to treat cancer. But a tincture can be taken only after consultation with the herbalist, the dosage should be determined by a specialist. This tincture has cured many people from lung cancer and stomach cancer.

Many other herbs for cancer also be prescribed by doctors, so that they have long ceased to refer to folk remedies of struggle against disease. For example, tincture of acacia, marigold, mistletoe, camomile and other herbs, generally issued by doctors as the primary means of treatment in the initial stages of lung cancer. Statistics says that this infusion can really cure people.

Cancer treatment vegetables

svekolnyj sokAlso well known benefits of beet juice. No wonder today it is given to all expectant mothers it really strengthens the body. Often found this expression: "Cancer is afraid of red". It appeared because of the beets. To take beetroot juice for cancer should daily, up to 600 ml during the day, 15 minutes before meals, on an empty stomach. But beet juice can be drunk only after it has stood a little in the fridge. In addition, it is also worth to eat a whole boiled beets.

In General, in itself a diet for cancer is recommended vegetable, so popular option is the use of the beets goes well with the advice of experienced doctors. Similar situation with other vegetables. For example, doctors in cancer is recommended to Supplement their diet with cabbage, and traditional methods of treatment claim that cancer can be cured with cabbage juice.

Omega 3 in people's methods of treatment

Every oncologist knows that when cancer patients need to get as many vitamins and benefits of omega 3 in the treatment of cancer cannot be overemphasized. This item really speeds up the process of treatment. Because in the menu of the cancer patient must be a fish. But to consume fish oil in Oncology advises and traditional medicine, so that folk healers and professional doctors agree.

omega-3It turns out, the treatment of cancer folk remedies are not much different from the classic version of treatment. In both cases, special attention should be paid to the dosage: and conventional medications, and herbal taken without control, any good will not bring. After all, the main objective of all these pills and potions to save the man. And what sort of folk remedies from cancer is used, it is not always important. Often the patient triggers the placebo effectand then it can bring back to life not simply a folk remedy, and the mere belief that cancer will be able to win.