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Cancer treatment — popular methods

To date, cancer treatment is possible by various methods. Basically they all boil down to three: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. All of these methods over time undergoing various changes.

Surgical treatment of cancer

operaciyaIn modern conditions surgical method does not always mean "big" operation with removal of the affected organs. Modern surgery uses these technologies when removal of the tumor is performed under control of video equipment via a small incision. This operation continues for long and the patient can recover much faster, and hospital stay may be limited to two or three days.

The surgical technique used often enough. For example, treatment of breast cancer is an operation in 75% of cases. Today, however, surgeons do not perform radical mastectomy, and organoboranes operation, which much prolongs the life of the patient and allows her to lead a normal lifestyle.


This method of cancer treatment is constantly improving and evolving. Although in most cases it is only part of a comprehensive treatment, with chemotherapy is often able to achieve impressive results. Every few years there are new drugs that offer hope, if not for recovery, then a substantial prolongation of life of patients, while maintaining its quality at a high level.

A few years ago for the treatment of lung cancer new drugs become available Avastin and Tarceva. The drug Avastin inhibits the factor which grow blood vessels cancer. This contributes to its reduction. Tarceva interferes with the division of tumor cells, thereby slowing its development. These drugs do not have such a destructive effect on other cells of the body, like the earlier drugs for chemotherapy. The negative consequences of their application much less.

One of the means of treatment may be antibiotics if it is cancer. Scientists have identified a group of antibacterial drugs with antitumor activity. In addition, antibiotics are used as a means of prevention of infectious diseases after a course of chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy

This method is also used as part of a package of measures for the treatment of malignant tumors. Most often, radiation administered after surgery in cases where it is necessary to prevent recurrence or metastasis. For example, at stage 3 the kidney cancer surgery followed by a course of radiotherapy. This method provides benefits for the local, targeted exposure. If the process spread through the body, it is not commonly used.

Radiation therapy can be internal and external. When internal radioactive drug is injected directly into the tumor location influences it from within. In external radiotherapy the radiation produced by a special device.

Immunotherapy and lifestyle

As an auxiliary treatment and prevention of various complications use immunotherapy. Drugs, supporting and correcting the immune system, help your body deal with the tumor.

An important role in the treatment of cancer is lifestyle. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, it is useful to do as much physical activity, to lead the active way of life. And of course, very important, normal diet. Nutrition for cancer should be full and natural, not contain any chemical additives. Many doctors say that if you want to be healthy, eat like you're poor. This means that the basis of the diet should be cereals, vegetables, boiled, but not fried foods. Should be deleted alcoholcanned, smoked foods, limit sweets.

How to get treatment?

priemThus, the means and methods of treatment of cancer are, and they really help a lot of people. However, most of these methods are costly and are not affordable to everyone. Free cancer patients are prescribed medications only to relieve severe pain for 3-4 stages of the disease. What to do if funds for the operation or course of treatment not enough? For these cases, there is a quota for the treatment of cancer. This is targeted funding. It provides a state special clinics for the treatment of cancer patients. As a rule, in the framework of the quota provided by modern high-tech methods. Moreover, the law is sufficient to have the insurance policy to receive assistance in any region of the country.

To obtain such quotas need to collect documents:

  • Extract from medical institution where the treatment took place,
  • The results of the biopsy with the conclusion of the expert,
  • The results of ultrasound, computed tomography, or MRI.

Next, you need to contact the local health Committee. Works there quota, a Commission that takes the decision. The patient can receive treatment in another region, if this area is not a suitable clinic. Of course, sometimes there are bureaucratic problems, but the biggest problem in obtaining quota is a limited number of them. For this reason, it may be that you need to wait in line, but it is not always possible, often because the cancer develops so quickly that the wait becomes an unaffordable luxury.