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The treatment of cancer. Is it possible to defeat the disease?

Cancer is an extremely dangerous disease that can cause death of the patient. A favorable prognosis depends on the stage of the pathology, the lesion malignant. How to cure cancer? Is it possible to stop death?

Cure for cancer: the medical approach to the problem

Scientists of all countries are looking for effective methods of recovery from cancer. But today in medicine are used such methods as:

  • surgical removal of the tumor;
  • chemotherapy for cancer;
  • ionizing radiation.

izlechenie ot rakaMost often these methods are used comprehensively. Traditional medicine knows how to cure cancer without surgery. If a malignant tumor has not had time to affect lymph nodes and other tissues, there is a possibility of its complete removal and clinical cure of the disease.

To prevent recurrence and to stop the proliferation of malignant cells, surgery is complemented by chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. From such treatment affects not only cancer cells but also healthy tissue. To use the internal reserves of the body to combat cancer modern medicine has not yet learned.

Forecasts, as a rule, unfavorable. If the tumor has been detected early and completely removed, then the further chance at life without cancer is very high. But most often the disease is found at later stages, which significantly reduces the chances of recovery.

Folk remedies for the treatment of cancer

Fate favors those people who do not give up. There are many cases when a person who has been abandoned by the doctors, overcomes the disease on their own. In this struggle for life must be used all ways and methods:

1) mental attitude to win.

In any case can not give up and cherish the trouble. Belief in success, a strong desire to cope with the disaster, visualize, and present psychological methods of dealing with cancer. The first two points are clear. Visualization and presentation a little explain. Use a real life example.

A boy of ten who was diagnosed with cancer, was my illness in the form of some evil beings. In his imagination inside his body gathered a whole army of star warriors who fought this evil. Vivid scenes of battle in his head did the trick. The cancer has been defeated! And not only in the imagination of the child.

2) the Correct lifestyle and nutrition.

The body must receive enough energy to fight the cancer. This is possible only when maintaining a healthy lifestyle (in the fullest sense of the word).

  • The rejection of bad habits.
  • Frequent walks in the fresh air.
  • Morning gymnastics, Jogging, swimming, Cycling (like more and afford).
  • Correct and complete food refusal fried, smoked, overly salty and other conservation, E-NIS, and the like; more greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, cereals.

3) Folk remedies for the treatment of cancer.

They can be used in conjunction with the methods of official medicine. In the nation for cancer treatment was used for centuries various poisons. Plus raising the immune system.

A) Prescription N.In.Shevchenko.

Mix in a glass in equal proportions of unrefined sunflower oil (no strong smell) and vodka (it can be less but not more) and drink immediately while the components are again decomposed into fractions. Medicine to take three times a day twenty minutes before meals. The total number of medicinal mixtures – a little less than half Cup. Schedule of ten days to drink, five days rest, repeat. The General course of three decades. Then a three week break. And so as long as the disease does not recede.

Drink or eat the drug mixture is impossible. Throughout the treatment other alcohol too. In betweenbetween courses, you cannot use other treatments (neither official nor popular). Primary small tumor goes through two months of such treatment.

Method treated only malignant tumors. If you start treatment, then throw in any case impossible. Otherwise the cancer cells will be faster to share. A few days after the start of treatment may increase the pain. But we cannot stop. The pain will gradually decrease.

B) cancer Treatment with propolis.

narodnye sredstva lecheniya rakaPropolis is widely used for the treatment of cancer of tongue, colon, kidney, uterus. It is used in pure form and in the form of alcoholic tinctures. Pure propolis to chew several times a day for fifteen minutes, then swallow. Alcohol tincture diluted in warm water and take half an hour before meals.

C) Infusion of fungus.

This birch fungus. It needs to be washed and grated. Pour boiled hot water (not more than fifty degrees) at the rate of 1:5. To insist two days. Drain.

Daily dose three cups. It should be in divided doses and drink half an hour before meals. Ready infusion should be stored in the refrigerator for four days.

Chaga is not a radical treatment for malignant tumors. But to stop its growth, reduce pain, improve the General condition.

G) Recipe Dimkova, Bulgarian healer.

Elder berries growing in the South, to pour sugar. Leave for three months. Take a tablespoon three times a day after meals. The course is forty five days.

The recipes of traditional medicine suggest to apply to the case when doctors have nothing to do. The main reason for this attitude – the lack of clinically confirmed results. There are only reviews by real people.