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At the initial stage of kidney cancer you have all the chances of recovery

loss of appetite;
  • increased blood pressure (15%).
  • simptomy raka pochkiIf the inferior Vena cava blood clot was formed, due to the development of the tumor, it can occur swelling of legs, increased subcutaneous veins of the abdomen, varicose veins, thrombosis, the overall increase of the feet.

    Depending on the spread of metastases may be the expectoration of blood if in the lungs, severe pain in the legs if in the bones, paralysis if the spinal column. When metastasis the extrarenal symptoms are even more, the person is much thinner, feels strong depletion, can not work, greatly increased temperature.

    In the early stages of cancer may not appear or masquerade as other diseases, so if any of the above signs, you should immediately consult a doctor.


    The main methods of treating it: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, palliative chemoembolization or immunotherapy.

    The most effective method is surgery. The life of the patient will increase considerably when you remove the primary tumor. The best results are obtained by removal of the kidney, if the disease is still in the early stages and the tumor invaded only one of the two. If the removal is contraindicated for any reason, then the use resection of the kidneys, it will not only maintain the functioning of the parenchyma, but also will significantly improve the quality of human life.

    lechenie raka pochkiQuite a rare method is a chemotherapy for kidney cancer, instead, appoint doxorubicin or capecitabine, medicine has long been known that the tumor on the kidney is weakly sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs.

    A little more commonly used radiation therapy. But this exposure, the renal cancer is also not very large. In this case, radiation therapy acts as a palliative agent that reduces patient pain and temporarily improves mood.

    Widely used with the 80-ies of the 20th century was immunotherapy and it still remains popular. Until recently it was the only effective treatment, but even in this case, the prognosis is not too favorable, if the disease started. The main active ingredients of immune therapy are interferon-alpha and interleikin-2.

    Today's immune therapy for all parameters bypassed targeted therapy. It was invented in the 21st century and it happened thanks to discoveries in molecular biology. Targeted therapy drugs stop the spread of the protein responsible for cell growth, inhibits their growth and stop reproduction. For tergitol therapy using drugs such as everolimus, temsirolimus, bevacizumab, sunitinib, sorafenib, 2012 used tepozan and axitinib .

    But these drugs are still unable to apply in full, as the body quickly gets used and ceases to perceive, that is, resistance occurs, and in many cases poor tolerance and serious side effects. Now scientists are trying to combat this problem and use a combination of ways that have a favorable prognosis on development.

    Radiosurgery is the most effective way to combat hard-to-reach tumors of small size and metastases in the brain. The only medical center in which you can carry out this procedure is in Eastern Europe, in Cyberclinic Spizhenko.

    Folk remedies

    When that sounds such a terrible diagnosis like cancer, a person begins to look for various ways that somehow can ease his condition, and often refers to traditional medicine. Treatment of kidney cancer folk remedies long been used and gives results, but of course, to neglectclinical methods should not regardless of the stage of disease and severity of symptoms.

    narodnyj sposobA good helping of bee products. The first recipe contains 20% propolis tincture, take is 30 drops of tincture in a glass of water half an hour before meals three times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. The second recipe is pretty simple: just chew propolis at 3 grams for 15 minutes, it should be done 1 month. Third recipe: mix 1 tablespoon of calendula and natural honey. To use this tool you need an hour after eating half a tablespoon. The course of treatment – a month. After that apply honey and birch therapy: before Breakfast every day take a teaspoon of honey, and for lunch, 15 drops of 10% tincture of birch buds, a pre-dinner drink 20% propolis tincture. The course is repeated after a 2-week break.

    There is information that a good remedy is a decoction of Laurel on milk. Very good help: St. John's wort, mint, celandine, Burnet, mistletoe, elderberry, marigold.

    There are many other recipes, you can read them in special books or to pay to herbalists who there is in any city. In any case, this issue should be discussed with your doctor.