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Cancer prevention – how to protect yourself from a terrible disease?

Cancer – a pathological formation of malignant nature, originating from the cells of epithelial tissue. Doctors often replaces the term carcinoma, which is used by Hippocrates (it is focused on the resemblance of the tumor with crab).

Genetic predisposition to cancer

Whether the cancer is transmitted by inheritance – question, which is closely involved in genetics, who studied almost all the genes responsible for the occurrence of this process.

Numerous medical studies have shown that among all the cases of cancer about seven percent genetically predisposed. Among oncologists there is such a term – "cancer families" in which the number of cases of such serious illness is approaching forty percent.

Timely advice from such a specialist can even reveal the likelihood of developing of cancer tumor in your future descendants. The only drawback of this method is the high cost and the availability of special laboratory that are not in every city.

What you need to know a person at risk for hereditary factors?

First, the awareness of this fact it becomes important achievement because many people simply ignore the fact of the presence of cancer in blood relatives and not making any attempt to change his life. It is important to consult with a specialist who can give advice on professional activity and correct lifestyle.

For people who are at risk, it is recommended twice a year to undergo a full examination.

Such simple cancer prevention will help prevent disease or detect it at an earlier date, when the efficiency of the treatment is high.

Forms of inheritance carcinoma

rak molochnyh zhelez1. Inherited a gene that promotes (provokes) the development of a certain type of cancer, family history of breast cancer;

2. Can be passed the gene, which increases the possibility of any form of cancer;

3. Cancer can develop in the case when inherited the combination of genes responsible for the appearance of carcinoma.

Currently there are more than fifty forms of cancer that are hereditary-caused. Among them the most common are:

  • Breast cancer;
  • Ovarian cancer;
  • Stomach cancer;
  • Colon cancer;
  • Melanoma (malignant);
  • Acute leukemia.

It should be emphasized that a genetic predisposition to cancer affects a very small part of cancer patients (up to ten percent).

The remaining cancer cases – accident resulting from a wide variety of reasons: hormonal disorders, improper diet, unhealthy habits and unstable ecological situation, etc.

How to prevent the development of cancer?

According to who, one third of all cases of cancer could be prevented.

After all, cancer prevention is the most effective and strategically defensible action for the fight against this serious illness.

Well-established and completely effective. As a trigger factor in various forms of cancer there may be a variety of etiological factors. However, each individual case can be traced back to the factor that provoked its development.

Cancer prevention (any!) means following the Golden rule adhere to all of the terms that form the concept of "healthy lifestyle".

Consider each factor that increases the risk of a certain cancerdiseases, separately.

  • Tobacco

kurenie tabaka

Tobacco Smoking is recognized as a factor that certainly provoke the emergence of cancer. Besides lung cancer, tobacco use leads to the development of oncological process in the larynx, esophagus, oral cavity and language, bladder and kidney, pancreas, cervix and stomach.

Clinically proven that seventy percent of all cases of lung cancer by Smoking has led to its development.

Passive Smoking is also a risk factor for Smoking. And chewing snuff forms of tobacco provoke the cancer process in other organs.

  • The use of alcoholic beverages

upotreblenie alkogolnyh napitkov

This habit is not just socially important – it is quite dangerous for the patients themselves.

Systematic intake of alcohol can cause cancer of many organs: cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver and intestines, and mammary glands.

The risk of carcinoma is increased in heavy smokers.

  • Physical inactivity, obesity and malnutrition


The combination of these challenges in medicine is called metabolic syndrome. Nutritionists answer the question "How to get rid of cancer?": you need to reconsider your lifestyle and diet. Too obvious the relationship of colon cancer, esophagus, kidney and breast cancer with excess weight. Meat diet causes the development of colorectal cancer. And the constant use of canned and genetically engineered food increases the risk of cancer processes in the body.

Eating healthy foods rich in fiber is a great rhenium for the prevention of colon cancer. The principles of healthy eating not only prevent the development of oncological processes, but also contribute to the recovery of the whole organism.

The best result can be achieved by combining healthy eating with regular physical activity.

  • Infectious agents


There is a direct relationship between many diseases of infectious nature and malignant diseases: viral hepatitis b and C often occurs with liver cancer, human papillomavirus, certain types of triggers the development of cervical cancer, and stomach ulcers caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori is often malignities. Schistosomiasis is often the cause of bladder cancer, and many parasites increase the risk of carcinoma of the bile ducts.

In order to reduce the frequency of cancer, it is necessary to carefully work with a broad range of the population, immunization, early diagnosis and effective treatment of these pathologies.

  • Occupational hazards

Among the threat to human health of the substances used in the workplace, included more than forty different compounds – carcinogens. For example, mesothelioma (cancer of the mediastinum) has a direct relationship with regular interaction of the patient with asbestos.

  • Environmental conditions

zagryaznenie vozduha

According to who, about five percent of all cancers are associated with unfavorable environmental conditions: air pollution, soil and drinking carts of carcinogenic compounds. These substances can enter the body with inhaled air and consumption of contaminated water and food.

  • Radiation

Ionizing radiation is capable ofto trigger the development of leukemia and some malignant diseases in young population. To avoid this, you must observe the following rules:

  • All medical radiological procedures should be performed only on the testimony and observe all safety precautions to avoid exposure;
  • In order to reduce the levels of radon in homes located in places with an increased content in the soil, it is necessary to improve the ventilation and provide sealing in their construction;
  • To limit exposure to ultraviolet radiation triggers the development of melanoma. The use of sunglasses or special remedies for the skin are effective in the prevention of cancer. Do not forget that all devices for artificial tanning are conditionally carcinogenic.