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What to do if you have a lipoma on my face?

Lipoma is a benign character. The people of the lipoma called a Wen. This education occurs on the skin and mucous membranes. Lipoma but also able to affect internal organs. In this case, it is a dangerous disease that is diagnosed. The disease occurs in adults and children. The greatest aesthetic discomfort delivers lipoma on the face. Typically, such localization patients want, at whatever cost, to get rid of education.

They can self-medicate, which is not recommended. Absolutely contraindicated to squeeze or pierce a lipoma.


Lipoma consists of soft adipose tissue. It does not contain malignant cells, but in some cases there is degeneration of lipoma to liposarcoma. This happens very rarely, but the likelihood of such a process exists. Usually degeneration exposed to education that exist on the body or grow to enormous size. The timely treatment will not develop dangerous complications.

The compliance rules for the treatment formation prevent undesirable consequences. It is forbidden to pierce to squeeze out lipoma. You can get infected, resulting in the formation of inflamed. Such "treatment" is ineffective, the contents of the lipoma is filled again.


Lipoma on body or face is formed subcutaneously. It is a soft fat education has a high mobility. This is the main difference lipomas from other entities (for example, from atheroma, which is absolutely stationary). When pressed no unpleasant or painful sensations do not occur. If lipoma hurts, it is a sign that it has become too large in size.

Talc large size compress surrounding tissue. This can lead to poor circulation. As a result of possible dysfunction of nearby organs. For example, if the lipoma is located close to the eyes, that can disrupt vision. Need urgent excision of the mass.


lipoma na liceAuthentically it is impossible to say what the mechanism of the disease development. But identified some factors that increase the likelihood of developing pathology. These include:

  • the abnormalities of lipid metabolism, improper nutrition, high cholesterol;
  • genetic predisposition (associated with inheritance of metabolic processes in the body from the parents);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • violation of the sebaceous ducts;
  • the slagging of the body;
  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Types of lipomas on the face

Talc on the face can two types which differ slightly.

  • White acne or Milia – the formation of small size white color. Look like nodules, slightly protruding above the skin surface. They appear as a single formation. Most often it is a lipoma on forehead, nose, cheeks.
  • Xanthelasmas is the second type of lipoma. These formations are larger. They are soft to the touch, have a yellow color. Xanthelasmas can greatly increase in size and merge with each other. Very often this type of lipoma is localized on the eyelids.


An experienced specialist is not difficult to determine the lipoma with a simple examination and palpation. In addition, you can be analysis of the contents of the lipoma. The fence shall be performed using fine-needle puncture. At the same time pumping the contents of education allows you to conduct a histological study of the contents of the tumor to exclude the presence of malignancy and is the treatment of lipoma.


There are several treatment options white bumps on the face. Itcan be conservative treatments or surgical removal.

Lipoma of small size can be successfully treated with fine needle aspiration puncture. After the puncture is injected special sklerosiruuschem drugs, which are glued wall lipoma. A few months later to see the effect of treatment.

The removal of lipomas on the face is possible with laser treatment. This is one of the most suitable options to delete entities on the face. After this treatment no trace remains.

Standard surgical removal removal of lipoma scars. For less traumatic removal of lipoma can be applied to endoscopic removal.

Folk remedies for the treatment ineffective. But you can use them after consultation with your doctor.