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How to cure a lipoma in a child?

Lipoma is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue. Lipomas can occur in adults and in children. Lipoma in a child can have congenital. The disease is not dangerous if the tumor has only recently appeared or has large dimensions. Tumors of large size may interfere with normal functioning of nearby tissues and organs.

If you encounter lipogenic or any other tumors of children should be examined by a surgeon. An experienced doctor will give recommendations for the treatment of disease.


lipomaTo this day not been reliably established, from which the lipoma. It is assumed that their development occurs as a result of disorders of lipid metabolism. Presumably the occurrence of disease in children occurs as a result of:

  • hereditary predisposition (it was revealed that children whose parents suffered from lipomas, tumors occur more often);
  • diseases of the liver, pancreas and other organs of the digestive system;
  • diseases of the endocrine system (hypofunction of the thyroid gland, which interferes with the normal exchange of substances);
  • the slagging of the body;
  • violation of the sebaceous ducts.

These are the main reasons for having a tumor.

Characteristic pathology

A lipoma is soft, moveable formation that looks like a hypodermic shot. Often appears a singular formation, but possibly the formation of multiple tumors (lipomatosis). With pressure on education does not occur the pain (with the exception of large tumors that compress the surrounding tissue) and the tumor itself is shifted to the side.

Talc is capable of hitting not only the skin. They can appear on the mucosa (e.g., mouth of the child). The most dangerous are lipomas affecting the internal organs. Diagnosis of such entities as often happens in their considerable dissemination in various organs. Lipoma may be mistaken for other diseases.

How dangerous is lipoma?

In addition to cosmetic discomfort of the lipoma with the growth of bring more pain. Large formations, depending on their localization, can adversely affect various organs. The localization in the eye can lose sight, in the event the neck is broken the blood supply of organs of head, etc. It can negatively affect a growing child's body.

The most dangerous consequence of the occurrence of lipomas is the development of a malignant process. Lipoma can turn into a liposarcoma. More often the process of malignancy are subjected to chronic tumors of large size. Because treatment is best done in the early stages of the emergence of lipomas before they become huge size.


Lipomas can be treated by conservative or surgical. There are also various traditional medicines, but they should not be used without consulting a doctor. Trying to squeeze out the lipoma should immediately leave is strictly prohibited! This "removal" of the tumor can lead to negative consequences, not bringing the desired result.

lazernoe udalenieHow to cure lipoma without a surgery? There are means of conservative treatment, which is suitable for tumors of small size. For children under 5 years not recommended surgical removal, if there is no compelling reason (malfunction of organs, rapid growth, appearance of pain). Therefore apply the following methods of treatment of lipomas:

  • laser removal is a modern and painless method of treatment of tumors; wound healing is much faster than with surgical removal;
  • holdingaspiration puncture with evacuation of the contents of the lipoma, which can be sent for histological examination; this method is not effective after some time, the lipoma may again fill up;
  • introduction to lipoma sklerosiruuschem drugs that promote bonding of the walls of the formation after removing the content method is used together with puncture); in many cases the treatment is effective.

Surgical removal compared to other methods of treatment of lipomas remains the most effective. During the surgery involves removal of the capsule of the tumor, which minimizes the risk of re-formation of lipomas. After the removal is carried out histological examination. If the lipoma is the liposarcoma, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other types of cancer treatment.