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Lipoma on back

Lipoma is a benign tumor, which appears under the skin, composed of adipose and connective tissues. The people of the lipoma called a Wen. Locations can be any, often formed lipoma on the back. The size can be from a small ball the size of a pea to a tumor 20 cm in diameter.

How is it formed lipoma?

Causes of lipoma on back is a blockage located at the site of sebaceous glands. Why this is so, medical science can not yet give a definitive answer. To identify the factors that are provoking:

  • lipoma na spine hereditary
  • exchange,
  • symptomatic.

Hereditary factors are genetic tendency to develop lipomas. In this case, they occur in several family members in different generations. Under the action of exchange factors, are concerned with the violation of the processes of destruction of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Symptomatic factors come into effect in diseases of the pancreas, the liver, the presence of diabetes, alcoholism, malnutrition. Localization of lipomas occur in such areas of the body where there is fatty tissue, and often where it a little. Lipoma on the spine is a frequent phenomenon, most often a tumor is formed in the upper back.

Dangerous lipoma?

Lipoma is considered to be completely harmless with respect to the risk of malignant transformation. It is not spread to other organs, metastasis does not, that is is benign.

However, a small risk of the potential threat still exists. There are known cases of degeneration into liposarcoma and its growing deep into the tissues to the muscles and blood vessels. Threat can be a lipoma that develops inside the bodies.

In most cases, lipoma does not bring noticeable discomfort, however at larger sizes it is possible to compression of the nerve endings, disruption of the internal organs, blood stasis, tissue necrosis in the area of Wen. For these reasons, doctors often affirmative answer to the question whether to remove a lipoma on back.

How to manifest?

Most often there are no clinical manifestations of the presence of a lump on the back. If it becomes such a size that visually noticeable, or the person himself or someone else felt it on the body, even without manifestations should consult a doctor. Externally a lipoma looks like a bulge above the skin surface. At a palpation it is soft or thick and movable. Pain when touched there. They can be at larger sizes or the formation of multiple lipomas in the course of nerve trunks.

Treatment of lipoma on back folk remedies the experts recommend not to run it and not to contaminate it. Is required to be examined, because to determine the nature of the tumor is possible only after diagnosis. In this case, you need to find out what exactly is a tumor, that is, to make an accurate diagnosis.

How to treat?

Treatment of lipoma is removed. It is carried out by different methods and depends on the size of the tumor, medical institution and the patient.

Options Wen removal:

  • Traditional surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery,
  • The introduction of special absorbing means
  • Liposuction,
  • Laser removal,
  • Radiowave removal.

The essence of any of these procedures is to remove fat and clean the capsule of the lipoma or to remove her too. For many years it was believed that the most reliable method is the traditional surgical intervention. However, modern laser and radiowave techniques allow us to deal effectively with lipoma, reducing the risk of recurrence to a minimum. At the same time, these types of surgeries are bloodless, pass quickly and do not leavescars.