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Dangerous do lipomas throughout the body?

Lipoma (Wen) is called a benign tumor, which develops from the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Touch education is quite soft, moveable and painless when pressed, has a capsule of connective tissue. If you stretch the skin over the lipoma, it shows its roughness and irregularities, because the tumor has a lobed structure. The size of a lipoma can reach 5-10 cm in diameter or more.

Often develop multiple lipomas on the body. The disorder is called lipomatosis. Most often lipomas occur in women aged 30-50 years.

From which there is lipoma?

lipomaDoctors cannot know the causes of lipomas throughout the body. Among the most likely:

  • Failures in the endocrine system (the hormonal changes at menopause, obesity, diabetes).
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, pancreas.
  • Irregularities in the sebaceous glands.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: unhealthy diet, abuse of alcohol, insufficient physical activity.

To provoke the appearance of lipomas throughout the body failed attempt to get rid of a single Wen.

Where are lipomas?

This education can be found in the subcutaneous tissue on any area of the body. In cases of severe obesity, tumors can be even in the stratum (stroma). Can occur multiple small lipomas on the eyelids, nose, cheeks. The tumor may be located on the scalp and lead to hair loss.

When Wens are on the back, abdomen, legs, they are constantly subjected to friction and trauma. This can cause itching, inflammation and abscess, making lipomas all over the body if not a cosmetic defect, a compelling reason to go to the doctor.

Diagnosis of lipomatosis

With the appearance of any tumor masses on the body should contact the medical facility to the surgeon or oncologist. The doctor with great experience to make a diagnosis will be sufficient inspection and probing the superficial (subcutaneous) lipoma.

For the diagnosis of deep-seated lipomas can apply x-ray or ultrasound. It should be remembered that x-ray diagnostics associated with radiation and not suitable for children and pregnant women. The ultrasound in this case is more secure.

Biopsy is performed if required to confirm that the tumor is benign. In doing so, a puncture lipomas. With a fine needle and take a sample of material and send it for histological examination.

Is it possible to cure lipoma folk remedies

Wens inefficiently treated as drugs, and various traditional healers. Such treatment may cause harm: to cause an increase in the size and number of lipomas, inflammation, and even worse – a malignancy of the tumor. It is strictly forbidden to remove the lump yourself at home.

Lipomas are eliminated exclusively by surgery in a medical facility.

Indications for surgery for the removal of Wens

After the examination, the doctor decides how to treat the lipoma. If the education unit, does not cause the person of inconvenience, is not in places of constant friction, the surgeon will not insist on the removal of fatty lipoma. The patient will require constant self-control over the condition of the tumor.

Indications for surgical intervention are:

  • Constant trauma and inflammation Wen
  • The appearance of multiple lipomas on the body
  • The tumor compresses blood vessels, nerves, interferes with normal functioning of vital organs
  • Fast growth and large sizeof the tumor.

Surgical excision of the mass

The most radical method of elimination of the lip is cut off together with the capsule. To do this, the surgeon will need to make a large incision through the skin which will be removed education. This method is not very suitable for localization in the open area of the body because it leaves noticeable scars.

hirurgicheskoe udalenieDuring the operation under the control of the endoscopic apparatus, the lipoma is removed after fracture within the capsule. The skin incision does not exceed 1 cm, but the possible recurrence of the tumor.

Perhaps the removal of lipomas by using the apparatus for liposuction. Through a tiny puncture retrieves the contents of a Wen. Like the previous one, this method is fraught with the re-appearance of the lipoma.

Lipomas of small size can be removed with liquid nitrogen. Deep cooling destroys the tumor. Suitable for operations on the face, so as not to leave scars.

The most modern and effective methods of getting rid of lipomas throughout the body are removed using surgical laser and radiowave knife. The operation causes no loss of blood, scarring and recurrence of the tumor. However, this method is not suitable for very large formations.

So, multiple lipomas on the body can be treated. There are many ways to resolve the problem, but to do purpose need only a competent medical specialist. Therefore, the first step in identifying lipomas should be the treatment in a medical institution.