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Melanoma in children

In my opinion, not quite true to say that the kids – these are the same people, just a little. No, now don't get me wrong, they are certainly people, but it is not the same as adults. Children are fragile and vulnerable, and their internal systems are still so imperfect. It's all the same what to compare a fragile porcelain statue with a bronze pedestal.

And now just imagine how these delicate little creatures my dream is to stick all sorts of viruses, germs, bacteria and other stuff. Don't leave crumbs and cancer. Doctors specializing in these diseases claim that malignancy younger, that is, increasingly suffer the children. This is a serious test for the child and for his loved ones. That is why I would like this article to consider such a rare disease of malignant nature, as children's melanoma.

Rare illness

melanoma u detejIn fact the tumor as melanoma in children occurs far to often. Usually in early stages the disease is curable, of course, under the condition of rapid diagnosis, but we'll talk about that later. And now I would like to focus on the forms of the disease:

  • A common surface.
  • Lentiginous acrolina.
  • Lentiginous malignant.
  • Nodular malignant. The fourth form is the most dangerous and has the worst prognosis because it grows in all directions.

Also, melanoma is divided into:

  • juvenile, referred to as benign neoplasms, and in its essence it is nothing more than a nevus, or in other words a mole;
  • youth, these tumors most often appear on the face. Their surface is smooth and the contours clear-cut.

Important details

Basically, melanoma occurs on the site of congenital or appearing after birthmark. The most dangerous period of the development of this malignant disease are the first five years of a child's life, although it is possible that a melanoma may develop after.

melanoma Symptoms of melanoma in children manifest the following:

  • a sharp increase in any previously existing nevus or education;
  • asymmetric nevi;
  • itching;
  • the appearance of bleeding sores;
  • the appearance of seals;
  • discoloration of existing tumors.


If You notice the child has any of the above symptoms, then you should expect a miracle, and quickly inspect her baby. Melanoma is most often treated by surgical intervention. The tumor was excised along with the tissue located around the tumor five centimetres. After a few weeks after the first operation is the removal of lymph nodes that are in close proximity to the tumor.

If the growth rate of melanoma is very big, before excision of the irradiation. But when the tumor has affected nearby organs, the operation does not make sense, then the little patient was prescribed chemotherapy.

Remember that the disease is very insidious, but treatable!