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Symptoms of lung metastases. The main manifestations

Malignant tumors in the lungs can be primary and secondary. Metastasis is always secondary tumors. The primary tumor may be located in different organs.

Why in the lungs are formed metastases?

Give metastasis, every malignant tumor. It contains a huge amount of mutated cells that looking up from the hearth, with a current blood or lymph fall into the various organs and tissues. There they continue to divide, forming a new hearth, which is called metastasis. Moreover, the primary lesion may be located quite far from the place where "settled" is secondary. Their cells have all the same features that were inherent in the primary tumor, therefore, these tumors are classified not as an independent tumor, namely metastases in certain organs.

The lungs may metastasize a tumor, but most often this happens when the following types of cancer:

  • Breast cancer,
  • Colorectal cancer,
  • Cancer of the kidney and bladder,
  • Cancer of the stomach and esophagus,
  • Melanoma (skin cancer).

The formation of one or two lesions, and the multiple lung metastases. The number of new tumors depend and symptoms.

Symptoms of lung metastases

simptomy metastazov v legkihMetastatic lung tumor for a long time, not to make themselves known. Therefore, in some cases, long remain unrecognized. Often they identify with another passing fluorography.

Signs of lung metastases usually appear when the process involved the pleura. By this time already formed the second or third stage of cancer.

Often signs of lung metastases are observed on the background of General deterioration, weight loss. Such manifestations are characteristic, in General, for any kind of cancer. Specific symptoms may include the following:

  • Chest pain,
  • Persistent cough (may be dry or with a small amount of sputum),
  • Hemoptysis,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Low-grade fever,
  • Loss of appetite.

Slightly elevated temperature can stably hold for a long time. Cough with lung metastases may have a different character, but it gradually becomes permanent. When you have a cold or infectious cough the main symptoms stopped about two weeks, the cough due to cancer and lasts for months. If this still suffers from appetite, reduced interest in life, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The same signs can have both a primary lung tumor. They are not caused by the tumor itself and the resultant inflammation in the chest. To determine the type of tumor enough complaints of the patient and the radiographs need additional surveys, including computer and magnetic resonance therapy, a biopsy.

There are cases when metastases are found before the primary tumor. This can happen for two reasons: the development of an asymptomatic primary tumor, a careless attitude to their health.

Treatment of lung metastases

The choice of treatment depends on many factors:

  • The nature of the metastases,
  • The localization of secondary tumors
  • The source of the metastases,
  • General condition of the patient.

The main methods for the treatment of common oncologic diseases:

  • Chemotherapy for the lung metastases and allows to control their spread and growth. At the appointment the doctor must take into account whether there had been similar therapy earlier, when and which drugs were used.
  • Hormonal therapy is used in case of susceptibility of primary tumors to some types of hormones. It is effective in breast cancer or prostate cancer.
  • Surgicalintervention in this case is used infrequently. Only when lung metastases resectable and no metastasis to other organs.
  • Radiation therapy is indicated as independent treatment or as part of a package of measures.

New treatments

  • Cyber-knife,
  • Laser resection.

The results of treatment largely depend on the stage of disease at which treatment is started. However, the formation of metastases occurs when the primary tumor is already on the second or third stages.