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The symptoms of metastases in the lymph nodes, their characteristics and treatment

The human lymphatic system performs the function of protecting the body and for this reason it is placed evenly on it. Thus, the lymph nodes located around any sexual and parenchymatous organ. Also they are connected through blood vessels circulating lymph, which consists of a liquid. In turn, this lymph bathes every organ, including various neoplasms. In this tumor, especially malignant have a loose structure and therefore the cells can be introduced into the fluid and transported to nearby lymph nodes. So there are metastases in regional lymph nodes.

There are several types of metastatic tumors, and it is hematogenous, lymphogenous method and their combination. The second method of spreading is called metastasis the primary, and it leads to regional metastases.

What causes the formation of metastases in the lymph nodes?

metastazy v limfouzlahHere should first say that the formation of such metastases requires certain circumstances which are important to examine during diagnosis of the disease. Given the factors of metastasis, need conducts a treatment. So, there are factors of metastasis of lymph nodes that need to be considered in the diagnosis:

  • the location of the source;
  • its dimensions;
  • phase of differentiation of the tumor;
  • form of manifestation of the source;
  • the age of the patient;
  • the presence of any other diseases.

Each of these characteristics is important in the development of tumors and formation of metastasis in the lymph nodes.

Characteristics of such metastases

Speaking of metastases in the lymph nodes of the neck, it is important to say that they are most often observed in tumors located in the neck. Metastases you begin to show immediate inflamed lymph nodes, which further impedes lymph flow and lead to the formation of metastasis in distant organs. Often it is even so that metastases occur earlier than the tumor itself. Or lymph node, did not manage to locate the source. However, the formation of metastases in cervical lymph nodes results:

  • rak yazyka cancer of the tongue;
  • thyroid cancer;
  • cancer of the lips;
  • and cancer of the stomach.

At the same time, metastases in supraclavicular lymph nodes are most often provoked by stomach cancer or breast cancer. And metastases in the para-aortic lymph nodes are in cancer of the stomach. Here are rare or micrometastases provide the patient a good prognosis, which comes to 5 years. Furthermore, these metastases retroperitoneal lymph nodes are also can be treated with the help of this method radiosurgery.

If it is about the metastases in the lymph nodes of the mediastinum, they are most often caused by such diseases:

  • seminomas;
  • cancer of the thyroid gland;
  • of the esophagus;
  • tumors of the lungs;
  • melanosarcoma;
  • or hypernephroma.

Metastases in the groin are removed all the affected lymph nodes method lymphadenectomy. In addition, also removed and the surface nodes in the region of the femoral triangle. In that situation, when there is any suspicion of lymph node metastasis in the outer parts of the groin, then you need to remove deep and obturator nodes.

How manifest metastases?

So, speaking about the symptoms of metastases in the lymph nodes, it is necessary to say that they mostly manifest themselves by an increased volume, which is noticeable in all external lymph nodes. Notice the increase of internal nodes is possible, depending on the authority that leads to their compression. For example, metastases in the nodes located near the liver cause swelling in the legs, ascites, enlargement of the liver in volume. But near the lungs they can lead to the appearance of the characteristic cough, etc.

Asprovides diagnosis and treatment?

Modern Oncology provides the opportunity to conduct a full examination of the entire lymphatic system of the human body in the event of any type of tumor. And for this, doctors use modern scanners, such as MRI or a CT scan. Here, however, the most effective can be called tomography PET positron emission tomography. But it is still in the CIS countries is only beginning to emerge and most of the affected patients, yet access to it have not. For diagnosis can also apply endoscopy with the implementation of the biopsy.

radioterapiyaIf to speak directly about the treatment of metastases in the lymph nodes, it is to be strictly adequate to the treatment that was applied to primary malignant tumors, which became the distributor of most of these metastases. In particular, the treatment should be comprehensive, and it includes the elimination of lymph nodes from the body, the chemotherapy and radiotherapy also can be applied immunotherapy. However, in the treatment of metastases is most often used non-surgical intervention for tumors, and the use of bloodless method of radiosurgery, namely the removed lymph node with the help of a cyber scalpel or gamma knife. This method is the most modern to eliminate any metastases.

Today they also applied innovative methods of radiotherapy, biotherapy and chemotherapy in the metastases in the lymph nodes. For example, these include brachytherapy, selective therapy or targeted therapy. Thanks to modern technology it is possible to influence purposefully the cancer cells without affecting healthy areas of tissue.

Thus, today, the treatment of these metastases is an incredibly effective and every day in this area, introducing new technologies, in order to further improve this effectiveness. Naturally, this disease is extremely serious and you should not miss a chance for a cure.