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The treatment of uterine fibroids in all possible ways

Despite the advances in modern diagnosis and sanitary education with a fine half of mankind uterine tumors continue to occupy the second place among all neoplasms found in the female population. Still put forward the reasons for their occurrence is controversial. It is well established that the emergence and growth occur at the background of hyperestrogenism in the blood (normal excess estrogen). Elevated levels of estrogens can be a result of insufficient production by the body of another leveling their female hormone progesterone or liver disease, which is the utilization of already unnecessary hormones.

lechenie miomy matki vsemi vozmozhnymi sposobamiPresumably this imbalance products of the endocrine system and responsible for the formation of tumors of various types, including fibroids, as it is a method of treatment of uterine fibroids hormones account for a significant share of full recovery. Found that women who give in food preference to refined carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids to the detriment of proteins and fibers in the body have an elevated estrogen level. Another interesting point is that this hormonal imbalance gives women a youthful look and have a blooming appearance. Appearance fibroids can cause lack of orgasm during sexual intercourse. The reason for that stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, prilepska when excited, and, pausing here, she is a long time holding the vessel in tension. Such long-term practice can really lead to failure of the hormonal imbalance and development of fibroids.

Statistics show that in these diseases the role of heredity: according to statistics they are quite common in close relatives. When studying the history of patients often find that their childhood years were distinguished by pain and frequent violations of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. On the status of their reproductive system is affected in the same way as abortion and complicated pregnancy. The degree of progressivity in the growth of tumors depends on the location of dislocation and, accordingly, they are divided into two different types:

  • tumors of the cervix;
  • tumors of the uterine body.

Types of fibroids and their treatment

Localization to the neck of the tumor affects not only her, but the vagina, as its development is going on on their border region. The second type is associated with the inner cavity of the uterus and is also called a tumor of the endometrium. There are benign and malignant tumors. The first type includes fibroma, which is also called myomas, fibroids or leiomyoma. It is formed from the cells of the tissue of smooth muscles, as a rule, even nulliparous young women (parous or not). For the treatment of uterine fibroids using a variety of methods, their selection depends on type of tumor and its location.

The initial stage of the disease – the appearance of nodules of small size. Developing in 95 % of cases in oral on, they slowly grow in size. The remaining 5 % are those who "settled" in the cervix or the isthmus.

Distinguish fibroids accordingly, the location of their knots, in the body of the uterus:

  • intramural (the predominant species) are located in the muscle tissue of the body;
  • submucous (submucosal) are formed under the mucous membrane of the uterus and grow into its cavity;
  • podserozny localized under the peritoneum lining the outer layer of the uterus.
  • As podserozny and submucosal tumor, growing in the characteristic direction, can further contact on a thin stalk: this stalk called fibroids. The tumor develops very slowly, and for a long period it can notnotice. As the game progresses, the fibroids often change the shape of the uterus, which is an important symptom, in combination with other it allows you to diagnose 100% accuracy.

    Polimenorea and hypermenorrhea are the most typical additional symptoms: menstruation becomes extremely large due to the close proximity of the fibroids from the lining of the body, they come more often and the duration is extended to 8 or 10 days.

    lechenie miomy hirurgiyaTreatment of nodular uterine fibroids are medication or in combination with surgery. If a woman has passed the age threshold of 40 years, all she does is drugs: in the first half of the menstrual cycle androgens are assigned to limit the production of ovarian hormones and in addition to, – hemostatic drugs. In the absence of the expected effect and the impossibility of carrying out of surgical intervention (heart disease, kidney, diabetes or tuberculosis) can come to the aid of radiation therapy. Ovaries along with a fibroid exposed to the appearance of infertility: artificial interruption of hormone production causes a significant decrease in the size of fibroids.

    However, the surgical treatment of uterine fibroids, you can achieve the best results, especially if there are already large nodes (over 5 cm). The conservative method removes only the fibroids (myomectomy), and the radical method involves removing it along with the uterus (hysterectomy), keeping in some cases the cervix. The first treatment option helps keep the body able to bear children, and the second leads to infertility of the patient. Treatment submucosal (submucous) fibroids may not be exclusively hormonal therapy, it is used as an additional method, for example, after surgery. For tumours of this type is characterized by:

    • Profuse menstruation, accompanied by severe cramping pains.
    • Anemia as a result of massive blood loss.
    • Heaviness in the abdomen and radiating to the hips pain.
    • Problems of reproductive nature (impossibility of pregnancy, prematurity of the fetus).
    • Squeezing a large fibroids size organs located in the neighborhood (bowel, bladder, pelvic veins), disrupting their functions and ultimately leading to neuralgia.

    Treatment of submucosal fibroids, the size of the node which is less than 5 cm, can be performed one-stage surgical removal of the hysteroresectoskopy. When the value of the node exceeds this value, and its introduction into the muscle tissue of the body, the doctor may suggest two solutions to the problem:

    • piecemeal resection, when initially removed the most accessible part of the tumor, and then carried out the hormone therapy, removing the remains and the site.
    • pre-treatment with hormones to greatly reduce the node size, and then conducting resection.

    miomaOften, the gynecologist women come with complaints of spotting bloody nature and arching dull pain in the pelvic region. But if the patient is observed and infertility, the examination, the gynecologist clearly put the diagnosis of myoma of the cervix. Currently a woman with this diagnosis can preserve the reproductive function, by using the procedure myomectomy using laparotomies or laparoscopic access.

    Treatment of fibroids of the cervix can begin to reduce the size of tumors with hormonal treatment, and continue to remove the tumor was already smaller. A surgical operation to remove fibroids be difficult to implement and fraught with consequences. Dangerously close to the isthmus is severed, and its damage will lead to a large blood loss. The patient before surgery should know such details, as in the case of damage to the blood vesselgenitals will be deleted to stop the bleeding.

    Time to attack the disease

    lechenie miomyThe woman who discovered uterine fibroids, is at the dispensary and must be on inspection to the gynecologist every six months and once a year to undergo ultrasound to monitor the dynamics of its growth. If an increase in tumors per year is 30% of its volume, it is impossible to delay and have to make a decision about its removal. Fibroids are hormone-dependent tumor, its growth is proportional to the activity of sex hormones, therefore, the decrease in hormonal levels after menopause reduced the size of the tumor of the uterus, and sometimes it disappears completely.

    It is not necessary to lower hands, it is necessary to use the entire Arsenal of means to combat disease. At small sizes fibroids and slow the growth of effective, competent herbal medicine. To do this, use herbs:

    • hindering its development (wrestler and Jungar Baikal, Hemlock, mistletoe, Amanita muscaria, marsh cinquefoil);
    • immune modulating and adaptogenic (Eleutherococcus senticosus, aralia, pink Radiola, maral root caroloina);
    • styptic (barberry, knotweed pepper, cranberry, stinging nettle).

    The treatment of uterine fibroids leeches attracting attention of specialists. Hirudotherapy, of course, used as an auxiliary, but a recognized component of the complete solution. The formation of tumors of the uterus occurs on the background of stagnation in the pelvic vessels leading to varicose veins in that area. Leeches, removing stagnant blood, improves blood circulation and using the injected enzymes contribute to the disintegration of the tumor tissue, destroying the excess hormones.