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Pregnancy increases the risk of death from melanoma

rodinkaNew findings suggest that changes in the body during pregnancy increase the risk of women dying from melanoma, the Researchers argue that this risk is 5 times higher than those with melanoma appeared long before or after pregnancy. The likelihood of metastasis in pregnant patients with melanoma is higher 7 times, and the risk of recurrence in 9 times.

Conclusions based on the surveillance of women under 50. Among the 462 participants was 41 with melanoma, which appeared during pregnancy and after it in the course of the year. Pregnancy does not increase the risk of melanoma and makes it more dangerous. What are the causes of this phenomenon is not clear yet. Probably they are rooted in hormonal alterations, and immune mechanisms that prevent rejection of the fetus.

This study can serve as a reminder to women about what health needs attention, especially during pregnancy. For example, a simple control "behavior" moles in many cases allows time to notice adverse changes.