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European scientists propose criteria to diagnose ovarian cancer

uziResearch center IOTA has developed criteria for diagnosis of ovarian cancer when performing the ultrasound examination. The application of these criteria allows to diagnose the disease in its early stages. This is important because the mortality rate for ovarian cancer in advanced stages of the disease is quite high.

A group of scientists has proposed criteria based on diagnostic ultrasound, which poses

In the study, which was published by a group of scientists from IOTA, developed and approved by the proposed model in predicting the risk of malignant ovarian neoplasms. The study involved 22 medical institutions from 10 countries. It lasted 13 years, since 1999. Was examined more than 5000 patients with ovarian cancer. The result was a publication with a detailed description of criteria for the classification of tumors identified by ultrasound. Also, it was concluded that in ovarian cancer ultrasound it allows to obtain the most accurate for the diagnosis data.