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The immune system against cancer

rakResearchers at the national University of Singapore explored the work of protective forces of the human body. They wanted to know why in some cases our immune system can easily cope with the recognition and destruction of cancer cells and others not able to do that.

Scientists believe that a key component of ensuring the response of the immune system, enzyme MUS81. Due to its influence on the cell it secretes interferon, which activates immune cells. This T cells and macrophages, which attack cancer cells and destroy them. If you block the gene responsible for the synthesis of MUS81, the immune system was inactive.

It turned out that the MUS81 enzyme is synthesized under the influence of some types of chemotherapy, as well as in the tumors, including some cancerous. Thus, the body provides itself with an immune response. Scientists expect to obtain a good effect of cancer treatment in the application of the new method in combination with immunotherapy.