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What they are, dangerous moles?

To determine the risk of the moles may only expert, but common man need to know when to guard.

rodinkiThere are some signs that indicate that there is probability of malignant degeneration of a nevus, which is dangerous to the development of such aggressive cancers, like melanoma. Experts never tire of repeating that the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the better the chances of a favorable outcome.

Professor Leo Demidov, who is a member of the Advisory Council who in melanoma, notes the signs that is a danger signal. Finding them, should consult a doctor.

Moles, or nevi, as they are called scientists if they are smooth, do not increase in size. Increasing the mole requires dynamic monitoring and additional research. Another cause for concern is the asymmetrical shape of the mole. The color is also need to pay attention. If the mole has different colors or changes color it is a signal of danger.

Another sign calls Professor Demidov border of moles. Evidence of melanoma may be vague frayed edges.
Each of us under force to carry out regular inspections of moles from time to time and in identifying changes or warning signs to seek medical attention.