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Intestinal bacteria — helpers in the fight against cancer

kishechnye bakteriiThe intestinal flora helps digest food, is involved in the regulation of metabolism, supports our immune system. Depends on it very much in the human body.

For example, one of the tasks of the immune system destroy cancer cells. But then, they are malignant, to escape the actions of our protective forces.

In 2013, scientists from France conducted experiments with chemotherapeutic drugs that affect the composition of intestinal microflora. Have been identified and described specific bacteria that help to fight tumors.

Many of the experiments showed that the influence of one and the same medication with the same types of tumors in different experimental mice has a different result.

Those, in whose intestines were present in sufficient amounts the bacteria Bacteroides species, the treatment efficiency was much higher, they are more responsive to treatment. This discovery may lead to a change in treatment regimens with chemotherapeutic drugs. It is possible that they will appoint, along with those that change the composition of intestinal microflora in the right direction.