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When to treat fibroids of the uterus?

miomaThe newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" organized a hotline with a doctor obstetrician-gynecologist Oksana Pomazanova, which is the specialist of the clinic "Mother and child IK. Here is what she said about such a widespread problem, like uterine fibroids.

Causes of fibroids while not specifically elucidated, but doctors are well aware of the risk factors. This hormonal disorders and inflammatory diseases. Most fibroids develop in women of 40-45 years, it is a time of hormonal changes. Nulliparous women are more likely to suffer from this tumor. To change the level of hormones and the formation of fibroids are abortions and miscarriages. Hormonal contraceptives significantly reduce the risk, but can't give a full guarantee.

If a woman is experiencing pain associated with fibroids, if she has bleeding in addition to menstruation, then this is the signal for the removal of tumors. There is also the question about the operation with the size of the nodes more than 3-3,5 cm and such features as the location in the uterine cavity or node on the stem. Although fibroids malignant tumor is not reborn, yet its rapid growth or increase in the period of menopause are anxiety symptoms. The fact that myoma and sarcoma may develop at the same time, so you may need additional screening.

Surgery to remove fibroids or the entire uterus are, as a rule, laparoscopy and with the use of modern methodologies and tools. After the age of 50 years preservation of the uterus when the operation is deemed unnecessary, and often remove not only the fibroids, but the uterus.

Surgery is always associated with anesthesia. When poor tolerability of surgery is prescribed only for health reasons. Fibroids with contraindications for surgery is subject to regular surveillance.