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When you need to worry about melanoma?

rodinkaMelanoma, kills every year more and more lives. The most effective treatment is one which is begun at the earliest stages of disease development.

On that note:

• You can sunbathe in the sun, but it should be done in moderation, not to scorch. Especially dangerous is the uncontrolled use of the Solarium, because the UV rays here as if in concentrated form, and their effects on the body stronger. To abandon natural tan don't need to do it sensibly. Fair-skinned people need much less time to burn.

• Change color, size or shape of moles. Special attention should be paid to moles that appeared in adulthood. They often turn into melanoma.

Although melanoma can occur not only on the skin, yet 90% of the time it's the skin form. If an active treatment at the stage when there are metastases, 90% of patients then live at least 15 years.