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Mathematical calculation treats leukemia

laboratoriyaMathematics of the Higher school of Economics have created a model of increase of efficiency of treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children.
This was the result of the data analysis of the effectiveness of different treatment methods in different groups of patients. Mathematicians have calculated the most preferred methods.

In front of a group of mathematicians and programmers, the HSE was tasked to develop a methodology for identifying subgroups of patients suitable for different treatment strategies, that is to be effective different drugs. As the database information was used 1773 patients with acute leukemia.

Taken into account the following factors: age, gender, state agencies, immunophenotype, and others. Created visual model for processing large data sets.

As a result of work the researchers found that, indeed, in different groups of patients the same treatment produces different results. For example, children younger than 6 years and a half and with the size of the spleen is not less certain indicators MEDROL chemotherapy more effective than DEXA.

The result of the study methods for identifying groups of patients for more effective treatment.