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Nanotechnology in cancer

kletkaRussian scientists have developed a new unique method of diagnosis of cancer. It is based on nanotechnology. About this method, says doctor of chemical Sciences, head of laboratory for the development and project Manager Alexander G. majouga.

The method is to use magnetic nanoparticles. As a result of research has created an absolutely stable particle size of 40-60 nanometers. The particles obtained became the basis of the contrast agent, which is used for imaging in such methods of diagnosis of cancer, as ultrasound and MRI.

Particles of new substances accumulate in the brain and liver, which allows to diagnose localized in these organs of the tumor. While undergoing preclinical trials, which will last until 2018. This period will begin testing in the clinical setting.

With some refinement of the technology, the researchers plan to contrast agent, which is absolutely safe for health and can be used to detect malignant tumors in various organs.