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New in the treatment of liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver chronic disease. Basically, the degeneration of liver tissue is slow, sometimes for 20-30 years.

Some patients with this problem do not experience any symptoms, while some suffer from jaundice, itching, muscle atrophy and other symptoms.

pechenTreatment of the disease begins with determining the cause and eliminate it if possible. Further, symptomatic treatment for relieving the symptoms. One of the methods for advanced forms of cirrhosis and liver transplantation.

Today the developed technique of transplantation of this organ from living patients. As an experiment in some clinics Singapore hosts transplant of hepatocytes of liver cells.

They are injected in the spleen of the patient, after which he conducted immunosuppressive therapy. This strategy was successfully tested on a small number of patients with cirrhosis with hepatic failure.