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Internal mechanism of cancer prevention

zashitaScientists have discovered another immune mechanism that allows mammals to protect themselves from viral oncogenesis, i.e. prevent and stop the process of transformation of normal cells into cancer.

Given that the spread of cancer among people quite commonly, this discovery will help in the creation of new methods of treatment. Researchers reported today that many diseases and 20 types of cancer associated with chronic viral infection.

The results showed that the protein beclin 2 helps break down protein, which promotes the development of such diseases as Kaposi's sarcoma. This type of cancer is common in people with low immunity.

It can be AIDS patients or people after organ transplants, since their immune system is artificially suppressed. Beclin 2 destroys damaged proteins and organelles through a mechanism of autophagy. It was also revealed that this protein is involved in the immune mechanism, overwhelming viral infections and cancer, resulting from their cause.