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What does the tumor marker CA 242: transcript analysis

Unfortunately, cancer today is a frequently encountered disease. And that terrifies the most, more than 50% of patients are young people aged 20-30 years. Cancer can develop for different reasons, and from it nobody is insured. Therefore, doctors recommend regular blood preventive tests that determine the development of this disease in its early stages.

One of these tests is the tumor marker CA 242. Unlike his "brothers", it is more sensitive to the cancer cells, so 97% out of 100% give correct results. But what does the tumor marker CA 242?

The tumor marker CA 242: what is it?

A tumor marker is a special kind of protein that appears in the human body in the event of cancer cells. He begins to develop once the tumor is formed. For this reason it is often used to detect cancer I stage.

The production of antigen CA 242 produce cells of gastrointestinal mucosa. He immediately gets into the blood and urine that may indicate the development of cancers in the rectum, colon or pancreas.

The feature of this antigen is that its expression makes it easy to identify malignant and benign tumor. If it is low, this indicates the development of benign neoplasms if high – malignant.

The use of a special tumor marker CA 242 allows physicians to predict the recurrence of the disease in the next few months.

When shown the analysis?

boli v zhivoteAnalysis to identify oncomarker sa 242 appointed in the following cases:

  • if a person is showing signs of development of pancreatic cancer (deterioration of the color of skin, abdominal pain, etc.);
  • if the patient was previously diagnosed malignant tumor and the tumor marker CA 242 is elevated for a long time, similar studies may be conducted to monitor the effectiveness of treatment;
  • if the doctor has suspicions on the development of tumors in the colon or rectum (in this case, the analysis is carried out in combination with other tumor markers).


The transcript of the tumor marker CA 242 can occur only competent specialist. However, given the results of the analysis, people can try to decrypt the data.

If there is a lack of CA 242 antigen in the test or less level (reference value 0-20 IU/ml), it says that:

  • man's health is normal, the cancer cells do not exist (if the CA 242 antigen is completely absent);
  • there is a positive dynamics in the treatment of cancer;
  • there is the chance of developing benign tumors in the digestive tract (if the antigen does not exceed 20 IU/ml).

rasshifrovka onkomarkera sa 242 However, if the test results show a slight increase of CA 242 antigen in the blood, it may not indicate the appearance of benign tumors. And all because for a variety of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal (pancreatitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, etc.) the level of this protein in the blood also increases.

So if you passed the test for determination of anochecer sa 242 and it showed a slight increase in the antigens, you should undergo a series of diagnostic studies for the decision accurate diagnosis.

In that case, if the detected high amount of CA 242 antigen in the blood indicates the development of malignant neoplasms in the region of the pancreas, colon and rectum. And the higher the number, the later stages of the cancerobserved in the patient.

If periodically this analysis, it is possible to constantly monitor the effectiveness of treatment in a particular case. As well as to determine in advance whether to happen in the next 5-7 months relapses or not.

Remember that the rate of tumor marker CA 242 in the blood for a healthy person equal to 0 IU/ml. And even the smallest increase should alert you and make a complete examination on the subject of Oncology and other pathologies.


It is understood that this analysis is very important in the diagnosis of digestive tract cancer, especially in the early stages of its development, which increases the chances of a sick person for a full recovery. Unfortunately, other diagnostic methods (ultrasound, x-ray, etc.) to "see" such education at the initial stages of their development can not.

Moreover, its diagnostic value increases several times, if you conduct test along with an analysis of cancer embryonic antigen.

Cancer is a disease that can be transmitted to their generation to generation. So if you have a family you have more than 2 people suffering from this disease, you should pay attention to their health and to periodically test for determination of tumor marker CA 242.