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What is a CEA tumor marker, its norm and decoding

The modern world is so addictive in its daily routine that sometimes even the most minor violations of the functions of the body can lead to serious diseases.

Today, 80% of people suffer from a terrible disease, whose name is "cancer". It is hard to imagine that every hour on earth dies one person suffering from this disease. To avoid this from happening, all you need to sort through and analyze in detail what the CEA tumor marker and how it is associated with the disease.

What is CEA?

The concept of CEA tumor marker stands for very simply by its first letters Cancer Embryonic Antigen. At this time it is one of the most used tumour markers in medicine.

Interesting fact!For the first time this tumor marker was discovered in the 60 years of the tissues of the large intestine scientists F. gauld and O. Friedman.

REA is formed only during embryonic development and in the fetus. After the baby is born, the genes that are responsible for CEA, instantly blocked. It is present in small quantities in the cells of the mucosa. However, its rate can increase dramatically in cancer.

Important! If in any doubt about the cancer or the tumor is found should be immediately referred to a specialist to do the study.

What is the norm and when you need to go to a specialist

If the tumor marker CEA increased you should not immediately sound the alarm. I want to note that it is quite sensitive and can react to any violation of: low immunity, benign tumor and weakening of the body. You should also pay attention to the symptoms of the body and to remember that cancer marker, reacts instantly.

rea onkomarkerLet's look at that shows the tumor markers CEA and standards improve.

The level of tumor marker in the blood allows the technician to determine the exact nature of the tumor, stage of the disease and prescribe the correct and appropriate treatment.

Under what conditions a CEA tumor marker may be elevated? The answer is simple, in malignant tumors:

  • Colon cancer, liver
  • Lung and stomach
  • Of the esophagus and pancreas
  • Breast cancer (women)
  • Thyroid cancer, bone metastases

As well as in benign lesions and diseases:

  • Liver disease and cirrhosis
  • Active chronic hepatitis
  • Jaundice
  • Various diseases of the kidneys
  • Pneumonia
  • Pancreatitis
  • Colitis

The exact rate of CEA tumor marker in women is 2.5-5 mcg/L. This number is the start level and the standard in many clinics. This figures starts report and determination of the increase of the marker in the patient's blood.

It is considered that if there is a slight increase of the marker to 10 µg/l, it indicates a benign tumor and that the patient is a heavy smoker. If the level increase moved 10, then we should sound the alarm.

When I II III IV stages of cancer, the observed increase in percentage terms and varies from 30 to 65%. Sadly, however, with these advanced stages of cancer often turn to medical patients.

It should be noted that the transcript of the tumor marker CEA is more important and gives much more information than any cancer test.

Symptoms that you need to sound the alarm and call the doctor:

  • kashel i odyshka Unfounded cough and shortness of breath
  • The tumor, which is visible or easy to find
  • Lethargy, fatigue
  • Fever and sweating
  • Poor appetite or loss
  • Weight loss
  • The appearance of moles
  • Problems with the digestive tract
  • Poor wound healing
  • Dull and aching pain
  • Hemorrhage, which nothing can explain

Important! If you have matches at least one item in this list,you need to contact the doctor for help. Remember that cancer at an early stage is curable!

As for the men...

The rate of tumor marker CEA in men is no different from the female norm. The marker may be slightly elevated just because of the fact that men smoke a lot. It is worth noting that this marker in 80% of cases used in women than men, mostly because he was discovered in the mammary glands and ovaries.

Important! CEA is used to monitor the course of the disease, early diagnosis of tumors in the spinning survey of risk groups and diagnostics With cell carcinoma.

The process of delivery of the analysis and prevention of disease


To be tested easily enough, but there are rules. The process of delivery is necessarily in the morning on an empty stomach from Vienna. It should be clarified that one hour before putting you can't smoke for four to take no drugs and food. If the medication is inevitable, surely this fact should be reported to your doctor. Eliminate the entire fatty food for several days before the test and to reduce the physical load to a minimum.

Transcript of CEA performed within a few days, from one to three.

Although the marker is sensitive enough, experts do not recommend its use for screening healthy people.


Cancer is a terrible disease in which a special diet is prescribed. Although throughout life can support the immune system and block the development of cancer cells. Question: what should eat to reduce the tumor marker CEA?

  • The first thing to include food – green plants. It can be green peas, cabbage ordinary cabbage, broccoli, nettle leaves, green mustard.
  • The second – fruits and vegetables that have anti-cancer properties. These include tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, peaches, apricots and pineapples. To include in the diet of zucchini, pumpkin, garlic, tomatoes, carrots.
  • Third green tea and decoction of rose hips, through which the body will be displayed harmful toxins, thereby boosting immunity.

For nutrition you need to add fresh air, positive emotions, and also yearly examinations.

And in addition...

Don't ignore annual visits to the doctor, hand over analyses of REA to protect yourself from disease, because cancer is a disease that waits for no one day.