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What tumor markers for women, their types and diagnosis

It is well known, in order to get an accurate diagnosis of any disease, it is necessary to pass tests. And no matter what ailment you are concerned about analysis of blood and urine is required.

Today cancer took almost ne50% threshold for all diseases. They are especially dangerous for women because their body is more prone to manifestation of this disease. Cancer of the female genitalia is a common disease that can be diagnosed by using special markers.

What is the tumor marker?

First you need to decipher and answer the main question: what is the tumor marker?

Tumor markers for women – saving straw, which can detect cancer and prevent its spread throughout the body, destroying at an early stage. Only markers capable of detecting the disease when it first appeared.

Important! To cancer was discovered in time, should be every six months to visit the gynecologist.

Now, however, is to understand the question of which biomarker should be returned to the women?

onkomarkery dlya zhenshinThe female body is unpredictable and mysterious, capable cancer of the genital organs to produce hormones, which will at this time elevated. Plus for cancer of the genitalia in the body appear tumor markers, through which one can suspect cancer of the uterus. To allay suspicion, all women gynecologists define the different tumor markers.

A list of tumor markers for women:

  • The most common CA-125 (cancer antigen)
  • Accurate SCC
  • Very sensitive CA-15-3 (cancer antigen)
  • ISA
  • CA-72-4 (carbohydrate antigen)
  • Detects only already developing the disease CA-19-9
  • The first type of AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)
  • The most sensitive 4
  • Cancer antigen 27-29
  • Is considered as the best REA


Tumor marker for ovarian cancer. If its norm (30me/ml) slightly exceeded (up to 10 units), there is a risk of diagnosing ovarian cancer. However, if this figure is more than 40me/ml, it indicates that the body develops the disease for several months or years.


Tumor marker of cervical cancer (squamous cell). Thanks to this token you can identify a tumor at an early stage of development and to develop an accurate and proper treatment.


Tumor marker of breast cancer.


Tumor marker of breast cancer, which is a whey machinported.


Tumor marker for ovarian cancer. Thanks to him, easily done monitoring the progression of the disease and its treatment.


Tumor marker of ovarian cancer and uterus. The normal marker is 10ed/ml. However, if there is an increase to 1000, then it indicates that the process has already reached the lymphatic system. In this case, the tumor can still be removed. If the index exceeds 1000ed/ml , it means that the disease started and give any surgical intervention. It should be noted that this token does not find a malignant tumor at an early stage of their development.


Is considered the first cancer marker, which appeared back in 1964. The increase in its value of more than 10me/ml is evidence of breast cancer. You should still clarify that in pregnant women, the rate will automatically be higher than normal, so they rate determined by a special table.


Tumor marker of ovarian cancer. Quite sensitive, able to detect the tumor at an early stage of its development.


Tumor marker of breast cancer, ovarian, uterus and breast. It should be noted that this marker is so sensitive that it can even identify a non-cancerous tumor.

Cancer antigen 27-29

Tumor marker for ovarian cancer. Its increase indicates a malignant tumor.

The types of tumor markers for womenso diverse that their selection is determined by the attending physician, after hearing all the complaints of the patient and making the initial examination. In most cases, markers will need two. In addition, you will also need to conduct specific laboratory tests.

How to donate tumor markers?

All women are afraid of the unknown, and concerns about the blood donation. How to take tumor markers for women? What you need to bring? When to do it?

onkomarkeryThe blood collection is carried out on an empty stomach in the morning from Vienna. Strictly before delivery in 30 minutes do not smoke and the last meal should be for 9 hours. Also women should know that this procedure should take place in the first phase of the menstrual cycle.

Another important point is avoiding alcohol for a few days before the test and do not receiving any medications. A woman needs to sleep well, not to worry.

The process itself does not last long. Before that, the patient should rest and be at rest.

Important! If you notice or are faced with a female cancer, you should immediately contact a doctor. Early detection of the cancer a chance to go through successful treatment and be happy. Accurate analysis can only be made after determining the level of tumor markers analysis.

However, there is another important question that you need to know the answer: what are tumor markers need to pass every year?

Women should have an annual visit to the gynecologist and to hand over the markers of the mammary glands and do a swab of the cervix.

Who is important to consult a doctor?

Health is the most valuable in our lives and to attend the scheduled inspection is essential. And who more carefully to relate to their health?

  • Women who were already sick with cancer
  • For those who have family there cases of illness
  • Who is at risk to cancer
  • Women who are often in stressful situations and stress

Tumor markers in gynecology used very often and are lifesaving straw of the cancer.

How much is the tumor marker?

Tumor marker women's bodies is in the range of from 15 to 20.e. for one thing. However, the price depends on the institution where you intend to do the test. In private clinics it costs more than in the state.

How many of you would not have been years as you were busy to take care of their health should always be. This will depend on your future and your children.