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The tumor marker PSA: which norm?

Prostate cancer or prostate cancer (as many know) until recently, sounded very scary for every man. The tumor has not been heard from in a large amount of time and only for the manifestation of the symptoms the man was diagnosed. But it should be noted that after 45 years, every seventh man learns about the disease from personal experience.

At the moment, can't wait for the signs of cancer, and to go to the hospital and to undergo PSA – testing.

What is a DOG?

PSA is the prostate test, the transcript of the tumor marker PSA prostate specific agent. It is a kind of tumor marker which is able to determine from blood analysis is a special type of protein that the prostate produces.

psaWhat is the purpose of the DOG? Agree, the word cancer it sounds to many like a death sentence. Prostate cancer is not immediately manifested, but when it is detected it is possible to hear a fatal diagnosis – malignant cancer. The tumor marker PSA is able to detect the disease at its earliest stage, the main man to watch your health and time passed inspection. As soon as you notice that the sperm will become thicker immediately need to consult a doctor.

Index of oncomarker increases under those conditions, when the body already beginning to respond to evolving tumor of the prostate. Diseases of the prostate and various tumor markers in different degree level can identify any of them.

Prostate disease:

  • BPH;
  • the tumor of the prostate;
  • various injuries of the prostate;
  • infectious diseases;
  • violation of blood supply of the gland.

A man who has reached the age of 40-45 years should be screened PSA each year. The norm in young people considered to be indicators of 2.3 ng/mg. After a man has reached 50 years of age, simple secretes protein a little more (this is normal), so the rate is already higher to 3.5 ng/mg.

To monitor inflammatory processes that can occur in the prostate gland, the physician should make the analysis of protein for free and total PSA. The rate of tumor marker PSA total and free should be no more than 4 ng/mg. If the amount of antigen ranges from the numbers above, this could mean the development of cancer.

What distinguishes the total PSA is of the free?

Total PSA differs from the free that is about 90%, while loose only about 10%. Total tumor marker in close connection with the secreted proteins of the prostate gland, is free not affiliated with them at all.

PSA tumor marker prostate total and free links that they consider the examination to detect the disease of cancer.

What is not before testing:

  • 24 hours one should not eat fatty foods;
  • massage of the prostate before the procedure is prohibited;
  • 30 minutes before the test you can't smoke and play sports (even it is not advisable to climb stairs or a long walk).

Eliminate alcohol consumption, keep calm and healthy way of life.

Crashing rules DOG: why this might happen?

There are also medications and some diagnostic procedures that can disrupt the normal rate of tumor marker of the prostate gland. Drugs such as Avodart, Finast, proscar can decrease the antigen content in the blood.

psaVegetables with a high nitrate content (cucumbers, pomidori, melons, watermelons), intake of chemical drugs (Cyclophosphamide or Methotrexate), and ascorbic acid is able to increase the number of antigens in the blood. In such cases, the patient is prescribed a prostate biopsy to confirm or exclude a terrible diagnosis – cancer.

On the accuracy of diagnosis may alsoto effect hemolysis of the blood sample, sexual relations, palpation of the prostate. It so happens that the test shows normal values of PSA, however, the patient still detect a tumor. For this reason, diagnosis must be confirmed by other tests. If the doctor has doubts about the results of your DOG, he should appoint other studies. These can include:

  • biopsy;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • CT;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • transrectal examination.

The analysis to be more accurate, this will help the decoding is simple and free PSA.

How to warn disease?

To a protein secreted by the gland was normal and you were not disturbed by thoughts about the evolution of the disease, once a year, men aged 45-50 years, to undergo diagnostics of the prostate.

Important considerations for prevention of prostate diseases:

  • Eat right;
  • The important hygiene of the genitals (particularly the scrotum and the anus);
  • Treatment of infectious diseases;
  • A proper sex life (protection with new partners);
  • A visit to the doctor.

Take care of yourself and your health.