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Tumor markers of the liver as a diagnostic method for cancerous tumors

The probability to cope with the emerging cancer largely depends on how quickly it is detected. Unfortunately, the cancer often is diagnosed not at once, causing the tumor time to grow and spread its pernicious influence on the human body. Are no exception and malignant liver tumors, reveal that, as a rule, it is possible in the later stages, when the disease is already clearly manifests itself.

However, scientific progress allows us to find new and more accurate methods of early diagnostics of Oncology. One of these methods are the tumor markers of the liver.

What are tumor markers?

opuholevye markeryThis is a special substance produced by cancer cells. By their presence or absence in the human body can be conclude that the development of a malignant tumor. Aggressive tumors start to secrete these substances from the beginning of its appearance in the human body, so a similar analysis reveals the cancer at its early stages.

Tumor markers secreted by tumor cells are special proteins that enter the blood and urine of man. Therefore, to detect the presence of these compounds with the help of their analysis that is quite simple and non-invasive procedures.

A variety of tumours produce different types of tumor markers. Some types of cancerous tumors secrete into the blood and lymph of man, several substances (enzymes, proteins, hormones, antigens). There are tumor markers that are typical for several forms of cancer, and there are those who will always indicate only a malignant tumor of a particular organ.

Tumor markers of the liver

Answering the question what is the tumor marker of the liver, it should be mentioned that cancer of this organ produces several types of substances. Primarily assigned to the analysis of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP). A high level indicates the development of a malignant tumor with a probability of 95%. This analysis allows to confirm the diagnosis and to start treatment for 3-4 months before he displays any first signs of the disease. Normal tumor marker liver of this kind has a rate of 5-10 IU/ml. in Addition, informative are tests for tumor markers CA 15-3, CA 19-9, CA-242 and CA 72-4.

Transcript of tumor markers of the liver should deal exclusively with professionals, since the deviation of their parameters from the norm can be a sign of the presence of malignant tumors not only in the liver but in other organs. For example, the high level of CA 15-3 are typical for lung cancer, pancreas, ovaries and cervix.

What is assigned to the analysis?

Tumor markers in liver cancer not only give the information necessary for staging the primary diagnosis. This analysis remains essential for all disease, as it is a source of important data:

  • allows you to identify the spread of liver metastases from other tumors affected organs;
  • gives information about the appropriateness of surgery to remove the tumor;
  • allows to estimate efficiency of treatment of the disease;
  • provides information about the possible course of the disease and likelihood of recurrence.

onkomarkery pecheni

Tumor markers as a method of detecting liver cancer is extremely important and informative method. It enables to diagnose cancer at early stages, which ensures good chances of a full recovery from it.

However, it should be remembered that the presence of tumor markers in the blood in small amounts is not a reason to sound the alarm. The reason for their appearance may be some benign tumor that is caused in the body inflammatory processes. That is, any analysis is better to confirm withthrough additional surveys.