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Breast tumor — details about important

Breast tumor is benign or malignant. For a long time it was believed that benign growths do not develop into cancer. But it is not. Was not one case of malignancy. And clearly name the causes of this process difficult. It is therefore important to diagnose benign masses, to monitor their growth and to treat.

Benign tumor of the breast: characteristics, formation process

uziAny tumor is a growth of tissue due to violations of the growth and reproduction of cells. Benign neoplasm usually grows slowly, do not metastasize and does not penetrate surrounding tissue. Such tumors originate from epithelial, muscular, connective and other tissues. They are well treated and recur only when detected very late, in advanced cases.

The growth process goes through several stages:

  • the uneven increase in the number of cells;
  • focal proliferation;
  • the appearance of benign tumors;
  • degeneration of benign into malignant (in the absence of proper treatment).

How to distinguish benign breast tumor from a malignant?

  • Almost all cells reproduce in the normal range. Only a small fraction different from the normal cells of the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • The tumor grows slowly and by itself does not stop.
  • A benign formation of a detached shell from healthy tissue.
  • The tumor has not spread to other organs.

Benign breast tumor klassificeret as a precancerous condition.

The types of benign tumors of the breast

Benign tumors include such entities as:

1) Breast.

It is more than fifty kinds of formations in the breast. Many signs of breast cancer are similar. There are two types of mastitis.

  • Hub.
  • Diffuse.

At risk are women from thirty to fifty years. The main reason is the violation of hormonal background. Common symptoms – breast tenderness before menstruation and the subsiding of symptoms after it. Each type of mastitis is treated differently.

2) Fibroadenoma.

Most often it affects young women from twenty to thirty-five years. Education has clear contours, and grows very slowly. Palpation revealed a moving ball. There are two types of fibroadenoma:

  • the usual (very rarely zlokacestvennoe);
  • leaf (the form which always turns into cancer).

Basic methods of diagnosis – mammography and ultrasound. Treatment is always operative.

3) Intraductal papilloma.

The nodular form of mastitis in which the tumor is concentrated in the ducts of the breast. The main reason is the hormonal exchange.

Symptoms breast cancer:

  • the discomfort, sometimes the pain in the breast (especially when compressed);
  • transparent, brownish-green and bloody discharge from the nipple (leaving marks on underwear).

Method of diagnosis is radiography of the body using a contrast agent (injected into the milk ducts). Treatment is only surgical.

4) breast Cyst.

Benign, filled with a liquid component. Violated the outflow of secretions of the breast. The result is a cavity. Gradually, it accumulates fluid.

The cysts are usually asymptomatic. And diagnosing them difficult. You need to spend not one study, not only to detect tumor, but also to classify it properly. Treatment depends on the size of the cyst.

5) Lipoma.

This tumor is formed from adipose tissue, because breast cancer is rare. Lipoma does not cause pain or other symptoms. Sometimesdeliver inconvenience and discomfort. If provokes physical or cosmetic flaw, it is removed.

Every second woman is prone to the formation of benign tumors. There is no reliable classification, by which the various education moving into cancer. In order to notice the problem, you need to carefully monitor their health.