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Breast tumor. How to treat?

opuhol grudiBreast tumor is no cause for despair, but not a reason for complacency. Need expert advice and some additional tests that could clarify the situation. What does it mean to "clarify the situation"? This means to get an accurate diagnosis to begin appropriate treatment.

The vast majority of cases of breast cancer are female population. Although breast tumor in men is also common, but it is quite rare, and it we will talk about this illness in women.

Everyone knows that breast tumor can be benign or malignant. Each of them is treated differently. The main thing is to get treatment on time because delay in the case of malignant tumors can lead to very sad consequences. To add a bit of positivity into this topic, let's say that 80% of all breast tumors are benign.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The first symptoms may go unnoticed if a woman does regular examinations of their Breasts. And it was observing and feeling give you the opportunity to detect the tumor in its earliest stages.

What are the signs of breast cancer, you can identify yourself?

  • Swelling and breast lump,
  • Changes in the structure of the touch,
  • The changing contours of the gland,
  • The wrinkling or peeling of the skin on the breast,
  • The appearance of dimples on the breast skin when lifting hands over head,
  • Retraction of the nipple,
  • The appearance of discharge from the nipple (they can be watery or bloody),
  • Seal on the nipple
  • Discomfort or pain,
  • Swollen lymph nodes with the appropriate parties.

Identifying at least one of these signs signal that it is time to mammologist. Diagnosis today is not a problem. Almost any district clinic equipped with ultrasound and a mammogram that detect pathological lesions in the breast. Further, the biopsy will show a benign or malignant is the tumor.

A benign tumor of the breast

Benign tumors are characterized by slow growth, they do not spread to surrounding tissue, do not form metastases. They are well treatable, rarely relapses. Usually benign tumors did not progress to malignant, in very rare cases, they develop cancer. Such tumors are formed from all types of tissues: muscle, epithelial, connective.

Types of benign breast tumors

In principle, all types of benign tumors of the breast are combined under the concept of breast. Mastitis can be more than 50 varieties. The main reason is the violation of hormonal background of the body, therefore symptoms will appear brighter as it approaches the critical days. Another reason for the development of breast tumors can become injured. Breast tissue is sensitive to different kinds of influences, including traumatic, it also leads to a change of tissues and the formation of tumors.

The main types of mastitis:

  • Fibroadenoma a single tumor with clear smooth edges. When she is feeling mobility. The usual fibroadenoma is growing slowly and has no tendency to malignancy. But it kind of phyllodes fibroadenoma, often cancerous.
  • Intraductal papilloma a tumor in the ducts of the nipple. They can be bright and cause bleeding from the nipple. When squeezing the nipple not only appear discharge, but the pain is felt.
  • The cyst is the most common neoplasm of the mammary glands. It is a "pouch" in the tissues of the gland, which is filled with liquid. The most unpleasant in this type of tumor isits long asymptomatic.
  • Lipoma a tumor consisting of fatty tissue. Lipoma is a rare, asymptomatic, in some cases, degenerates into a sarcoma.


Treatment of benign breast tumors mostly succeeds. Intraductal papilloma and fibroadenoma are treated exclusively surgically. Other types of benign tumors can be treated as promptly and medication. It all depends on the type of tumor, the stage of development and individual characteristics of the patient. But most often the intervention is still running, as the tumor is found a biopsy is required to determine benign or malignant it is. If the result does not inspire fear, you can stay on the treatment that is to adjust a hormonal background of the patient. It quite often brings a good result.

Malignant tumor of the breast

Malignant tumors most often develop from the epithelial cells of the ducts, the lobules of the parenchyma of the gland. They are characterized by rapid growth, infiltration into neighbouring tissues and organs, metastasis.

The types of malignant tumors:

  • The nodular form of cancer is the most frequent of malignant tumors. The tumor is a painless node with indistinct borders. The first symptoms may be retraction of the nipple or reject it aside.
  • Registeredby cancer. It is characterized by an acute course with increased body temperature, metastases in the lymph nodes.
  • Mastitis-like cancer forms a seal without precise contours. Mammary gland increases. Quite often appear on the skin pink spots.
  • Cancer Paget – injury of tissue and ulceration of the nipple. This is the most favorable form.
  • Hidden cancer is manifested by increase in the axillary lymph nodes, the appearance in them of metastases at that time, as in the breast tumor is not defined.


For diagnosis you need to undergo ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy of the tumor tissues.

Treatment of malignant breast tumors most often operational. Used chemotherapy, radiation therapy. The result of treatment is very dependent on the timing of cancer: the earlier, the more successful the treatment will be.