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Swelling in the neck. Is it dangerous?

Swelling in the neck can occur due to various reasons. It is benign and malignant. Treatment in each case individually. Consider the main types of tumors with similar localization.

Classification of tumours on the neck

The following types of tumors.

1) depending on the centers:

  • organ (arise in the body which is the neck; as a rule, malignant tumors, preserving the structural elements of a normal body);
  • unorganize (come from muscle, nervous tissue, mesenchyme; can be benign or malignant).

2) depending on the origin:

  • primary (not the result of the spread of metastases);
  • secondary (this is a tumor of the lymph nodes in the neck due to metastasis of cancer of any organ).

3) depending on the characteristics of the course:

  • benign (grow slowly, do not metastasize);
  • malignant (aggressive, fast growing).

Benign growths on the neck



opuhol sheiIn the neck the tumor is formed from epithelial. Education has pale, brown-black color, small size. Sometimes towers over the skin on a broad base or a thin stalk. Papillomas are prone to actinic.

Such education does not bother me. You may receive pain as a result of damage or inflammation. Papilloma removed from cosmetic reasons, as well as in case expressions.


Are formed from fatty tissue. Most often localized on the back of the neck near the hair. Sometimes reach large sizes.

Lipomas represent a soft formation with a smooth shiny or lobed surface. Painless and movable. Treatment only operative.


Develop from connective tissue. Localized in the lateral triangle of the neck. Fibroids are nodal (encapsulated) and diffuse (without capsule). Treatment only operative. Sometimes in combination with radiotherapy.


Very rare. Localized most often in the upper part of the neck. Education has a dense structure, a smooth and glossy surface. Clicking may be felt pain. To differentiate neurinoma, do a biopsy. Treatment only operative.

Rare benign:

  • ganglioneuroma;
  • chemodectoma.

Malignant tumors on the neck

Can be formed in any of the tissues and organs of the neck. Depending on the localization of the allocated types:

  • oropharyngeal cancer (the tumor affects the base of the tongue, soft palate, posterior and lateral pharyngeal wall; the visual inspection, the formation is not noticeable);
  • laryngeal cancer;
  • cancer of the thyroid gland.

A tumor on the neck of a child

osmotr sheiIn children the neck sometimes appears education not more than peas or bean. If it is not accompanied by painful sensations and other symptoms, then do not need to worry. As a rule, the tumors are localized on the sides of the neck or the back part of it. These places are the lymph nodes. They are part of the system, which stops the movement of the infection through the body. If the body is infected with a virus or bacterial infection of the throat, middle ear, lymph nodes can grow. This swelling is on the side on which the victim is a lymph node. There is a tumor on the right side of his neck – there is increased lymph node.

Symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes:

  • the size of a small pea or a bean;
  • on palpation there is moderate or severe pain;
  • perhaps the rapid increase under the influence of the infection;
  • detected visually or by touch (or both).

The number of nodes can becaused by primary or secondary tumors. These nodules are large and painful. You need to go to the doctor in such cases as:

  • the tumor is more of a pea in diameter;
  • education is markedly increased;
  • no other symptoms of viral or bacterial infection;
  • the tumor is on the back of the neck, or near the larynx;
  • for unknown reasons the temperature rises;
  • child less than a month;
  • toddler has difficulty swallowing food and breathing;
  • swelling visible on the red stripes.

Regularly check the baby's neck for the presence of tumors. Vigilance can help a serious disease at an early stage.