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The effects of a brain tumor, or is it possible to live with this diagnosis?

A terrible diagnosis, a terrible disease that spares no one, neither the baby nor the man. And the worst thing is that the cure for this disease has not yet been found. The unfortunate patient and his family are constantly experiencing stress because of the fact that I don't know if he will survive another day, another week, another year. And the only thing left then is the hope.

Read more about the disease

opuhol golovnogo mozgaTry to understand what is this disease and what are the consequences of a brain tumor? This intracranial neoplasm which is formed by cells that started to grow abnormally in the brain or spinal cord. Speaking in plain language, that these cells, mainly glial cells or neurons, begin to abnormal and uncontrolled sharing. Moreover, this process can occur not only in the brain but also in the intracranial vessels in the nerves inside the skull, on the bones of the skull, pituitary gland, pineal gland and other lymphatic connections. Such tumors are primary. Also, the tumor may occur because of metastasis, which spreads cancer in another part of the body. Tumors of this type are called secondary.

Important! This tumor varies greatly from other tumors. The fact that when this disease occurs the blood-brain barrier. It restricts the flow in the brain tissue of drugs. Such tumors mostly grow into the surrounding tissue, and this leads to the fact that to eradicate the tumor completely no chance. Such ingrowth and extension of the boundaries lead to the fact that the tumor begins to compress vital brain tissue.

Any tumor in the brain, whether benign or malignant brain tumor, carries a serious threat directly to the person's life, but this does not mean that the patient is waiting for the invariably fatal outcome.

What is the cause?

If you take into account the surrounding factors that cause tumors in the brain can only be radiation. Also, it is believed that the tumor can be formed from the harmful effects of vinyl chloride. Is a gas that has no color and is used in the production of plastics. It is assumed that aspartame or Splenda, and electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, and radiation from vysokovoltnoye can be the impetus for the development of the disease.

Cause brain tumour may be mutation, and genetic predisposition, but exactly why this disease happened with a man you can't say any one person.

Types of tumors

All tumors, as we have seen, are divided into malignant and benign. They can be located in different parts of the brain. Detection of tumors usually occurs at a late stage of development when the tumor its presence in the brain began to cause certain symptoms, or in the diagnosis of intracranial cavity. In the second case, the discovery happens randomly with the help of the tomogram.

Benign tumors are characterized by their slow growth, it not affects other systems and organs and does not go beyond the brain. Such tumors include:

  • glioma glioma (1st stage);
  • astrocytoma;
  • oligodendroglioma;
  • ependymoma;
  • meningioma;
  • acoustic neuroma;
  • hemangioblastoma.

A malignant tumor is a pathological formation within the brain. They are characterized by a rapid increase in volumes, growing into neighboring cells and tissues. Cancer are characterized by metastases that canbe localized in one part of the brain, or occur in several parts. Cancer include:

  • glioma;
  • growing astrocytoma;
  • oligodendroglioma.

Thus, the types of brain tumors there is a great variety. Of primary neoplasms most common:

  • Glioma.
  • A meningioma.
  • Pituitary adenoma.
  • Tumor of nerve cells of the meninges.

After the torments of hell

operaciya As mentioned earlier, a fatal outcome is not required of a brain tumor. It is possible that after operational vmeshatelstva, as well as chemo-therapy and radiation therapy the patient may continue to live. But, unfortunately, the consequences of a brain tumor also inevitable as life-long observations from the experts and receive special support drugs, because to completely remove sprouted a cancerous tumor there is no way.

Very often patients have the so-called convulsive syndrome. Most often such unpleasant consequences occur in young people who have had this disease. To avoid cramps doctors prescribe phenobarbital, carbamazepine or other anticonvulsant drugs.

Under pressure, some brain tumors, disturbed circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, it inevitably leads to accumulation of this fluid under the skull, or hidrocefalia, then iscost accumulates in the cavities of the brain and it happens in peritumoral edema. To relieve this swelling are appointed glucocorticosteroids, e.g. dexamethasone.

Side syndrome is also depressed. In such cases, significant support persons, and special antidepressants.

There is always a chance

To the question- "How much living with a brain tumor?" just You, no one will answer. It may be a year or five, and even ten. It all depends on the condition of the patient, stage of the disease. One can say with certainty, there is always a chance. Don't believe forecasts, live with faith in yourself and your strength!