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the location may be a cancerous brain tumor.

T0 indicates that the primary localization in the study to clarify is not possible the pathologist who examined the tissue, the surgeon. Tis literally means "cancer in place". In this embodiment, it may papilloma ulcer or erosion, often there is the cervix. T1, T2, T3, T4 is set at a certain size of the tumor, which for each individual on your.

Lymph nodes are also involved in the spread of cancer process. Nx indicates the lack of clinical data, as it is impossible to check the status of the lymph nodes, but this does not mean that metastases are not available. N0 indicates the absence of metastases, but it is worth to confirm histologically. N1, N2, N3 indicates the different degrees of destruction. Distant metastasis puts the final point in the classification. Metastases can be MX if it is impossible of definition in view of the paucity of information. There is also a version M0 when no metastases at all, but in the course of operation, this category may change. m1govorit on the presence of distant metastases. Additionally, it may be refined and the target of metastasis rUL. – metastases in the lungs, O –dice, HEP – liver, vRa in the brain, LYm in lymph nodes, maR in the bone marrow, rLe –rER in the pleura, in the peritoneum, SKI –skin, RELATIVE to the other.


rakovaya opuholTo show cancer in different ways and it all depends on where is the primary lesion, and any tissue affected. First and foremost, to suspect the symptoms of the cancer and you can own, it is necessary to conduct sammour. Swelling and compaction, and the presence of ulcers and other things should make contact with your doctor. Also, the tumor may appear with pain, but not always, for example, in lung cancer, pain occurs only when a process is migrated to the pleura, which is in contrast to the lung has no nerve endings.

Often the decay or sprouting of blood vessels may develop bleeding that is hard to stop in view of poor coagulation of blood. Besides all this can be weight loss or an aversion to a particular food, such as meat in stomach cancer.

Arsenal treatment.

For the treatment of oncological process are applied all methods in the complex, and it is not necessary to provide the benefits of any one. Dentists have multiple main methods, which include:

  • Operative treatment, during which the process is removed.
  • Radiation therapy, which uses ionizing radiation.
  • Chemotherapy medications that are aimed at the destruction of cancer cells.

Of course, the prevalence of a particular method depends on what types of cancers diagnosed.

Who is worth considering?

The emergence of cancer can contribute to a number of factors that are associated with the lifestyle. So alcohol, Smoking, and obesity in combination with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to undesirable consequences. Also cancer can contribute to excessive exposure to the sun.

fiz nagruzkiIn order that the risk of developing cancer to minimize costs more to give the body physical activity and also give up bad habits. Also is the correct and balanced diet eating only organic food. It is preferable to eat foods of plant origin. Today as a variant of prophylaxis used vaccination against papilloma virus that can cause cervical cancer.

Oncology always and at all times will startle a man not depending on methods of treatment and methods of prevention. This is due to the factthe number of lives that took cancer. In the fight against cancer will help nature of the disease, which gradually becomes available over time. Gradually develop methods and ways of dealing and reducing the risk of developing the disease, this allows you to look at the problem from a new perspective. Cancer can win, it is necessary to lower hands in the fight against them and to promptly contact their doctor for advice and to pass examinations. It is important to remember that with cancer, time is always playing against. And the earlier you start treatment, the more successful it will result, and disease recurrence will be minimized.