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And you know how to raise white blood cells after chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy, the word is familiar to many, the method of treatment in such diseases as malignant tumors, parasitic or infectious diseases. Simply put, it's impact on the disease with poisons and toxins. In this effect also occurs and influence on the organism as a whole. For example, lower levels of platelets and blood leukocytes. They become noticeable after a week or two of starting treatment chemistry. Consider the methods and the possibility of restoring the blood after chemotherapy.

It is important to know how to raise white blood cells after hemiauchenia!

There are certain drugs which help to raise the number of blood leukocytes. Such drugs include Stronger, Batilol, Pyridoxine, Aparasin and many other medications of this group. To raise the level of white blood cells in the body by using the intake of certain medications, but it is important to combine them with the proper "therapeutic" food, as well as applying special concoctions.

When you restore the blood after taking chemotherapy drugs it is important that the food was full. Necessarily eating:

  • oats,
  • raw vegetables
  • buckwheat,
  • fresh fruits and berries.

ovoshi i fruktyEspecially a good helping of vegetables and fruits of red flowers. To raise a low hemoglobin after chemotherapy, the number of platelets and white blood cells will start to grow with pomegranate or beet juice. Beet juice is prepared from grated on a fine grater raw beets and a small amount of sugar (at least 1 liter of tea). Leave the paste overnight, for the formation of juice. In the morning squeeze and take the juice. One tablespoon on an empty stomach 30 minutes before Breakfast. The course of treatment for approximately 2 weeks. It is important to know that fresh beetroot juice should not be consumed immediately. It is ready for use only after 2 hours.

But the consumption of meat and liver should be reduced and seafood, nuts and eggs contrary to make in your daily diet. Also do not forget about beet juice, it improves the General condition of the blood.

Grandma's recipe: handful of walnuts poured a glass of vodka. Then leave for a couple of weeks. Then removed to a dark place. Drink this infusion several times a day (2, 3) tablespoon.

Doctors, Oncology I think this recipe is quite effective and recommend it as a way to boost my white blood cells, but the duration of infusion and prolonged use of it leads to the long anticipation of the increase.

Traditional methods how to increase leukocytes after chemotherapy

oves How to raise white blood cells after chemotherapy, home remedies? This can be done without putting much effort. For this you need 4 teaspoons of unrefined oats. It should pour two cups of boiled water. After that boil the mixture for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to take half a glass, about 3 – 4 times a day. The mixture is taken within a month.

The infusion of pollen and honey (2/1) infused for three days, take 1 dessert spoon with milk. Having low levels of leucocytes are advised to take the decoction of barley. One and a half Cup of barley is poured into 2 liters of boiling water. Then infusion to boil until evaporation of half of the liquid.

Red wine in pre-measured quantities has a beneficial effect on the blood in General, increasing hemoglobin, improving blood cells platelets and white blood cells. Also, oncologists suggest how to increase leukocytes after chemotherapy is by consuming buckwheat with yogurt. One spoon of buckwheat necessary to fill the night with three tablespoons of yogurt. In the morning eat the mixture. Such a slurry is also very useful for digestion.

Yes, to maintain blood levels of these blood componentsas the white blood cells and red blood cells, there are special drugs. But the medicinal drugs solely to increase the number of platelets no. Most patients given oral prednisone. But, better for the body all the same more gentle methods of healing. But not many people know how to raise the platelet count after chemotherapy. But it is very important blood cells, play an important role in blood clotting.

Methods of increase of platelets in the blood

Tincture of the roots and bark of capers, prickly take on an empty stomach half an hour before Breakfast well this will help. But, of course, to drink teas is only after consulting a doctor.

The doctor will advise taking certain drugs. Such drugs include:

  • Dition, is accepted in the form of tablets and injection
  • Dexamethason, a hormonal drug
  • Sadekar, the preparation of infusions of various herbs
  • Derinat, was adopted in droplets or by injection
  • Thrombopoietin, a hormone produced in the liver and stimulating thrombocytopoiesis.

These drugs do not allow complete healing, having completed the course of their admission, number of blood platelets is increased in 5-10 times. The best drug as practice shows, is Sadekar.

Increasing platelets you can remember about the birch juice. Thanks birch juice platelets strenuously to produce. So, with thrombocytopenia can be overcome faster. In order to reduce the influence of low platelet count in the bone marrow for food, you can take ginger.

If the situation is quite critical, or there are factors encouraging not to take drugs and folk recipes, it is possible to apply the method of transfusion thromboplastin. But this method is not entirely safe, because a low number of platelets in the blood decreases clotting, so transfusion is not excluded bleeding. Such bleeding is quite difficult to stop.

The miraculous properties of caviar

Eating caviar does not matter red or black, the food is excellent help in restoring the blood after chemotherapy. Yes, red caviar contains nuclein and, therefore, will help to restore the level of leukocytes and platelets, thereby improving blood condition. Accordingly, reduced hemoglobin returns to normal. The blood count will be back to normal in a relatively short time.

ikraAnother great recipe solutions to all three problems. Grind into a powder Cup of walnuts and Cup of buckwheat. Combine all and add to a Cup of honey. Stir everything thoroughly. Eventually gets "Alvorada" mass. It can be stored in the refrigerator. Make it should be 2 teaspoons a few times a day with tea. Adopted this weight for about 7-10 days.

To improve the General state of the blood is useful to take a black elderberry syrup as well as freshly squeezed Apple juice (made from green apples) were diluted with water.

And of course, in such cases as a reduced number of leukocytes and platelets is important not to forget about the heavy right drink. To drink water can be used, and the usefulness of currant, cowberry, cranberry fruit drinks, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, orange and cranberry juices.

Rule! More walks in the fresh air, perform moderate exercise. All this, of course, is combined with a comprehensive diet and medication. Speedy recovery and good health to you!

Leukopenia during chemotherapy, thrombocytopenia and a low hemoglobin is a natural phenomenon. And bringing a problem back to normal, automatically improves the other. After all, in the human organism everything is interconnected and all components of blood work together. Patients in addition to treatment and nutrition necessary to walk in the fresh air. Of course, this must be fought, butthe main thing to remember is that zealous with the raising of the white blood cells and platelets is not necessary. Be careful that the recipes home getting rid of low white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin did not cause allergic reactions. All procedures still need to spend at a doctor's recommendation or after consultation with him. Because in the end, this diligence may lead to undesirable consequences.