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Nutrition during radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is one method of combating tumor cells. At the time of her appear side effects that can be warn all sorts of drugs, phyto and generally a healthy lifestyle.

Chemotherapy adversely affects particularly the digestive organs, therefore here, as ever, need to pay special attention to nutrition during radiotherapy. As patients who monitor their diet and take food supplements that can is easier to prevent side effects.

Diet during radiation therapy

vrachIn the absence of liver disease, the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas during radiotherapy can stick to diet, based on foods from these groups: dairy, protein, fruit and vegetables, bread and cereals. Therefore, the diet during radiation therapy is that the patient should daily consume foods from all these groups. This applies not only during chemotherapy, but in the interval between courses of radiation.

  • To the protein group includes products such as nuts, fish, meat, eggs, liver and legumes. They all contain iron and b vitamins.
  • Fruit-and-vegetables group includes all types of cooked and raw vegetables, fruits and salads, dried fruit and freshly squeezed juice. The emphasis on inclusion in the diet of such food especially need to do during the course of the introduction of anti-cancer drugs. Every day foods this group you need to eat 4-5 small meals. Also recommended for citrus (tangerines, oranges, grapefruits), apples, vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, peppers, carrots, beets), greens (dill, parsley) and other berries and fruits that contain vitamin C.
  • To the dairy group includes all milk products. The patient can choose from them what you want it to him. But keep in mind that lactic acid bacteria-enriched products more useful. They need to eat twice a day, as they contain protein and calcium.
  • The bread-cereal group includes grains, cereal products, assorted cereal, biscuits and bread. Cereals can be classified according to the degree of usefulness in the following order: buckwheat, oats, barley, rice. They contain carbohydrates and vitamin B1. To fill these cereals better than butter, and vegetable oil.

During radiation treatment should focus on fluid intake. In addition to eating all kinds of juice (especially carrot, beet, raspberry, tomato, cranberry and tomato) in the daily diet should include water in its pure form (not less than 30 ml per 1 kg of patient weight). As for alcoholic beverages, then they are in the period of treatment are not acceptable.

Nutrition during radiation therapy: lack of appetite

Practice shows that radiation therapy contributes to the loss of on average 2 kg weight of the patient. A proper diet helps to recover lost ground during the break between courses of treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition, which helps to gain strength from chemotherapy and feel much better during rehabilitation after radiation therapy.

During a poor appetite during chemotherapy should eat nuts, honey, whipped cream, eggs, chocolate, because these foods contain the maximum amount of nutrients.

As a source of protein to include in the diet is soups, lean fish and meat broths. In such dishes, it is desirable to add proper seasoning. Aromatic plants (parsley, dill, cumin, cinnamon and others), lemon peel, ginger, paprika, mint, nutmeg contribute to increased appetite, good digestion and great taste. During food doctors recommend alsomake infusions of leaves of the trefoil, wormwood, oregano and centaury. By the way, these dishes are also relevant during the diet after radiation therapy.

Nutrition during radiation therapy: a manifestation of nausea and vomiting

rvotaDuring chemotherapy, can also experience nausea and vomiting, which significantly worsen the overall condition. Really bad severe vomiting, as it may do subsequently even threaten the patient's life.

In addition to antiemetic medications and a daily morning breathing exercises in the open air before Breakfast it is recommended that a piece of ice, frozen lemon, cranberries, cranberry berry. Before each main meal, described above, to use drying, toast or crackers.

In the case of nausea and vomiting during radiotherapy the patient is not recommended to eat foods that have strong smells or a specific taste. You should also avoid whole milk, fried and fatty foods salty, sweet and hot dishes. You must use only warm, chilled foods, namely lean meats, fruits, cheese, pickles and tomatoes.

As crowded stomach fluid causes vomiting, in this case it is not necessary to drink a lot of water, especially during meals. You need to drink per hour, and breaks between meals.

It should be noted that the specialist is not highly recommended to eat immediately before the procedure chemotherapy.

Nutrition during radiation therapy: starkly revealed when some diseases


In case of stomatitis during radiotherapy of the doctors advise to use ready-made cereals and milk for children. Also this disease will help to cure such dairy products like cheese and yogurt, sour jelly, soft cheese, whipped cream. It is worth noting that all of these products should be at room temperature.

Even after the disappearance of the sharp pain of stomatitis it is necessary to eat only soft foods and avoid spicy and salty. The perfect food in this situation will be stewed, crushed, boiled dishes. Drinking large amounts of fluid (up to 3 liters per day).

Diarrhoea (diarrhea)

ponosOften during chemotherapy occurs diarrhea. This is because cells of the gastrointestinal tract affected with chemotherapy drugs. Therefore, in addition to special preparations against diarrhea is to pay attention to the main condition in the diet: the food should be gentle to the intestinal mucosa. This can be achieved by proper choice of easily digestible foods and their corresponding treatment, which is cooking foods in water or steamed.

Diarrhea during the radiation therapy should not be used in the diet of fatty meats and fish, marinades, meats, spicy and some vegetables, which irritate the intestinal tract (onion, radish, radish, garlic). Eliminate legumes, spinach, sorrel, fastening soups, fried dishes, fresh milk, sour fruit and pastry.

The diet should include dishes such as: vegetarian rice soup, rice, mashed rice porridge on water without oil, bananas, mashed potatoes on the water, pureed apples, mashed boiled pumpkin. All these foods you need to eat small portions, therefore they are easily digested. When the chair starts to recover, you can begin to eat chopped vegetables, grated low-fat meat and fish, meatballs of beef. All that is necessary to prepare exclusively for a couple.

Don't forget to take chicken eggs, hard-boiled, and to drink more fluids, which should be body temperature. In this situation, especially healthy juices, mousses and jellies of the cherry, black currant, blueberry and black chokeberry. Pay special attention to the decoction of dried pears, pomegranate bark, rose hips, rootsBurnet, St. John's wort and peel green apples.


Constipation during radiation therapy are very rare. But if the patient is faced with this problem, doctors prescribe to drink 1 glass of water or juice (peach or plum), eating grated carrot, raw Apple, 6 pieces of prunes (since evening it is necessary to wash and pour boiling water).

In the diet during radiation therapy during constipation, you must enter the raw vegetables and fruits and also foods that are rich in fiber.

Natural laxative is soaked in water figs or prunes, mashed dried fruit, common beet. It is not recommended to eat sweet and pastry. As for the bread, you need to choose varieties of flour, crushed grain or bran. To normalize the chair will help the yogurt and kefir.

To prevent diarrhea during chemotherapy must be included in the diet enterosorbent. They not only reduce the toxic effect protivoopujolevy drugs, but also support normal intestinal motility.

Liver damage

If radiotherapy has caused liver damage, the food in this case should be based on diet. Should not be consumed in the diet of fatty meats and fish, mandarins, mushrooms, sausage, foods that contain large amounts of cholesterol (eggs, soups, fish and mushroom soups, onion, beans, peas, turnips.

Preference is given to vegetarian soups and borscht, and also dairy soups. For the second you need to prepare lean meats and fish steamed, boiled vegetables, berries, ripe fruits, wheat bran. Liver good for yogurt, yogurt, yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.

Following all the above advice on nutrition during radiation therapy, the patient to endure the procedure and will feel much lighter during the rehabilitation after chemotherapy.