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Treatment of throat cancer

Treatment of throat cancer is normally held, by means of complex of measures: surgery plus chemotherapy and radiation. The volume and technique of the operation, the dose of radiation exposure, selection of medicines all depend on the individual patient, stage of disease and location of the tumor.

The main symptoms of throat cancer is hoarseness, shortness of breath, feeling of a foreign object in the throat, difficulty in passage of food through the esophagus. With the development of tumor pain, which gradually intensified. Hoarseness may be the reason for going to the doctor, this symptom draws attention to itself even before the appearance of painful sensations.

Diagnosis of throat cancer

the malignant cells.

Types of radiation therapy

  • In external radiation therapy a machine near the patient, its rays are directed on the tumor.
  • Internal when radioactive substances are injected in the tumor or tissue around it.

A forecast of the consequences of throat cancer on 1 -2 stages, more favorable than the next. Five-year survival rate is 75-90%. In stage 3 the survival rate drops to 63-67%.

After treatment of cancer of the larynx becomes relevant postoperative rehabilitation of patients, especially after radical surgical operations. The important factor is not Smoking before beginning treatment. After surgery, patients may need speech training.