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The first signs of cancer. What are they?

Cancer is a malignant tumor. The tumor may be localized entirely in any place of the body. The symptoms and signs of cancer in the first place depend on where the tumor is. Although in many cases the primary tumor does not manifest itself, and the first signs of cancer being felt, when formed metastases.

The insidiousness of cancer diseases in the fact that malignant tumors can be long enough to develop symptoms. Or these symptoms are so mild and nonspecific that the person never comes seriously with those symptoms to seek medical attention. For example, the first signs of stomach cancer heartburn, belching. But these same symptoms can be many other diseases of the stomach. If they do not torment the person indefinitely, it is unlikely that he will pass the research that could detect cancer.

What are the symptoms for cancer should alert?

  • Pain, discomfort in any organ.
  • Unexplained increase in temperature.
  • Weight loss.
  • Increasing weakness.
  • Regular dizziness.
  • Skin pallor, deterioration of skin, hair.

Noticing such a feeling and state, the person would be a good idea to apply for the beginning therapist. Often, however, these problems this is not the first symptoms of cancer in a particular person. While small tumor, slow growing, trouble it does not deliver. In the future, as it grows, it secretes a in the body the products of its vital functions, depresses the immune system, accelerates the metabolic processes. As a result, the body works with stress and without help begins to fade.

The first signs of cancer of different localization

The first signs of lung cancer are coughing and shortness of breath. Occurs most often lung cancer in smokers. Cancer diagnosis in this group of patients is difficult due to the fact that neither they nor the others often do not pay attention to their cough, blaming it on the effects of Smoking. One of the signs of trouble of the lungs can be frequent pneumonia that is difficult to treat.

The first signs of skin cancer may appear as small scaly spots on the head, hands, neck. This so-called precancerous condition senile keratosis. An experienced doctor, for example, during a planned admission may be paid to these symptoms attention and to appoint the necessary tests.

vrachiFirst signs of throat cancer very similar to common cold or viral infection. It can be a pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness. Some patients attributed such reaction to allergic manifestations. Meanwhile, the tumor increases and begins to exert a General effect on the body. When join of neck tumor, weight loss, then many are sounding the alarm, knowing that it is not infections or allergies.

The first signs of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms of esophageal cancer or stomach cancer most often begin with the development of ulcers, polyps. The modified cells can behave unpredictably. First signs of colon cancer (unstable stool, heaviness in the abdomen) are attributed to stress, eating disorders, and these first signs of colon cancer like blood in the stool and pain in anus, hemorrhoids. At the same time, a fairly simple examination of the rectum and colon (colonoscopy) would be spared many from serious consequences, because it would reveal the presence of a tumor while it is still small in size.

Oncology female reproductive system can be identified by the woman when a breast self-examination and analysis of the regularity of the menstrual cycle. Any failures need to attract women and be the reason for going to the doctor. Sometimes a simple gynecological examination,to suspect a serious problem. Then appoint additional examination: mammography, blood test for tumor markers, biopsy.

What are the first signs of breast cancer? Discomfort, changes in skin surface, probing the "pea" in the chest is the first signs of breast cancer. Further development of the tumor causes a retraction of nipple, pain in the damaged gland, enlargement of lymph nodes.

Cervical cancer long enough may be asymptomatic. Often the first signs of cervical cancer is only discomfort during sexual intercourse. However, if women did not neglect their health and visit the gynecologist twice a year, there would be no problem with early detection of cervical cancer.

Thus, despite the similarity of the first signs of cancer diseases with many others, it is still possible to diagnose in the early stages of development. In this case, the results of treatment will be many times better. Do not be afraid to seem like a hypochondriac, better to be safe and sleep well after passing examinations than to regret for the lost time. Even a little cancer can kill a human life.