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Throat cancer: symptoms

Throat cancer is a malignant disease in which the formations occur on the mucous membranes of the pharynx and larynx. Tumors of these bodies have a similarity of symptoms. Also, originating in one of these areas of the body, the tumor affects the second phase. The disease is 50-60% of the total number of oncological diseases. Mostly he exposed men after the age of 40 and range from 80 to 95% of all patients.


Throat cancer: symptoms occur following.

      1. Sore throat and hoarseness.
      2. Later – difficulty swallowing.
      3. Cough.
      4. The presence of streaks of blood in the saliva, nasal discharge and phlegm.
      5. Putrid smell from the mouth.
      6. Hearing loss.
      7. The increase in size of the cervical lymph nodes.

Such is the clinical picture of cancer of the throat. There are also typical signs of throat cancer.

First signs of throat cancer

First signs of throat cancer occur in the following way.

The initial stage of throat cancer.

      1. Changes tone of voice.
      2. The possibility of hoarseness, up to the complete extinction of voice.
      3. The impossibility of slatinany saliva or swallow food due to pain.
      4. There is a feeling of presence in the throat of any extraneous or foreign bodies.
      5. In most cases, the appearance of shortness of breath.

Later stage throat cancer:

      1. The secretion of sputum with blood, hemoptysis.
      2. Difficulty passing of food through the esophagus.
      3. The constant presence of pain even with the use of sore throat.
      4. Paroxysmal or even a cough.
      5. The appearance of pain in the ears.
      6. The appearance of the swelling on the neck due to the increase in size of lymph nodes.
      7. In some cases, rapid weight loss.

Causes of throat cancer

There are the following causes of throat cancer.

      1. The main reason is Smoking.
      2. Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. And when combined exposure to tobacco smoke, which has an irritant effect on the respiratory system, and alcohol the appearance of tumor increases in two times.
      3. Production factor (inhalation of coal dust or asbestos).
      4. Lack of basic oral hygiene.
      5. Unbalanced nutrition. The use of fried, salty, spicy foods hot.
      6. The presence in the body papillomavirus.
      7. A weakened immune system to any diseases in the chronic form, by taking certain medications.

Today, people are interested about how throat cancer starts. Also, you can often hear the question, what are the symptoms for throat cancer.

How to identify throat cancer?

this defines an isolated metastasis in the lymph nodes.

  • 3 the degree to which there is a tumor of considerable size, penetration into adjacent organs and tissues, with numerous local metastases and ulceration.
  • 4 the degree to which the metastases have already spread to distant organs.
  • Throat cancer is a very serious disease with which the jokes are not appropriate. Therefore, when you encounter the first signs and symptoms do not hesitate to address to the doctor. We wish that nothing like you have not observed.