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Treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer in women – the most common cancer in this group of patients in Russia. Among the reasons cited hormone disruption after the abortion, avoidance of breastfeeding, genetic predisposition.

How does breast cancer? Is a tumor in the breast, which changes its shape, causing swelling, embroiled nipples, peeling skin.

Li treated breast cancer? Undoubtedly, modern medical science is far advanced in this matter. However, 100% survival is possible only at the zero stage, when detected by non-invasive cancer, that is cancer cells have not grown into the surrounding tissue. At subsequent stages of development of the disease more likely to not be the question of how to cure breast cancer, and the question of how to extend the life of patients and ensure acceptable quality.

How many are living with breast cancer?

Medical prognosis is based on the increased five-year survival rate and is determined depending on the stage of the cancer. As mentioned above, at the zero stage almost complete cure. In the first stage, more than 80% of patients have a chance to live at least five years. In the second stage, this figure drops to 71%, the third to 48%, and only 18% increased five-year survival rate for stage IV breast cancer.

However, these figures are averaged, and this does not mean that you can't live longer. There are many cases when the diagnosis was made 10 or 20 years ago and women are living, forgetting about their illnesses. So do not despair, it is necessary to take measures for the treatment of the disease, and further correct way of life.

Features of the disease:

  • Breast cancer: the degree of spread of the tumor are determined from the zero to the fourth. Determination of the degree depends on the size of the tumor itself and how it has grown into other organs affected by whether the lymph nodes.
  • Breast cancer metastasis can occur in various organs and systems of the body. Struck metastases can be the lungs, liver, brain, skeletal system.

Treatment of breast cancer

For a positive result of treatment is necessary:

  • The earliest possible access to treatment,
  • An integrated approach
  • The correct choice of medical tactics,
  • Adjustment of lifestyle that includes power optimization.

Treatment of breast cancer is carried out using such methods as:

  • Surgical,
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy.

lechenie raka grudiThe main treatment is surgery to remove the tumor (early stages) or breast and lymph nodes (at later stages). If in the first stage, sometimes on the second, you can do only operation on the third and fourth additional mandatory measures for the prevention of relapse and the continued development of secondary tumors. To do this, use radiation and chemotherapy.

The treatment of radiation exposure was carried out in three to four weeks after surgery. Most often used for local effect. This method by 80% reduces the risk of subsequent development of cancer. Although, of course, on side effects cannot be forgotten.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer involves both local and systemic effects on the body. That is, administration of drugs that destroy the tumor cells may be carried out in various ways.

The means of hormonal therapy aimed at stabilizing the hormonal levels. An increased amount of female hormones – the main reason for the development of breast cancer. In the past to reduce the formation of estrogens, women have ovaries, modern medicine offers anti-hormonal drugs.

Treatment breast cancer folk remedies

Along with the proper treatment, supervision by a mammologist for help and supportthe body may have folk remedies, in particular, Botanical products and bee products.

In the first place that give people bees, for the treatment of cancer used propolis. It displays the body of waste products, cancer cells, prevents their development, long-term use possible complete destruction of abnormal cells. Moreover, propolis stimulates the growth of healthy cells. You need to eat 5 grams of propolis three times a day.

It is believed that cabbage juice has healing properties, including anticancer, besides cabbage juice neutralizes the effects of chemical drugs and radiation therapy used in the treatment of cancer.