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The treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer occurs quite often and takes the first place among oncological diseases. This disease is common among women and men. This disease occurs as a result of actively dividing atypical cancer cells that, without treatment, rapidly progressing and increase in size. There are often relapses.

The breast cancer recurrence may be in the same area where the cancer was. Relapse is not a new disease. However, it may not occur in those places where was the primary tumor. In such a situation imply about the cancer metastases.

Metastases in breast cancer are evidence that tumor cells have already managed to penetrate into the bloodstream and it has spread to the liver, lungs, brain or bone. They can be discovered in the early detection of the tumor and after her relapse.

For many is important question about how to treat breast cancer.

How to cure breast cancer? The treatment of breast cancer is carried out defined methods.

Breast cancer treatment methods:

      1. External beam radiation therapy.
      2. Intraoperative radiation therapy.
      3. Hormonal therapy.
      4. Chemotherapy.
      5. Surgical treatment of breast cancer.
      6. Plastic and reconstructive surgery.
      7. Psychological therapy.

Irradiation in breast cancer

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