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Breast cancer

Each of the eighth European women have a chance of getting cancer of the breast is a disappointing statistic. Most often this is not pleasant and very dangerous disease affects women older than forty-five years, but there are cases with very young women.

The results of treatment depend on the stage of development of the disease. The disease is very dangerous, but don't give up it can be dealt with. The most effective method is prevention and detection of the enemy at a very early stage of its development when he is strong and young. If the tumor at the time of detection had a diameter less than a centimeter, high chance to win it. Cases of recovery with early diagnosis and proper treatment is 90 %. The tumor, unfortunately, is able to disguise and finds himself already quite late, in a strong and aggressive stage, in this case, patients have little chance to fully recover.

rak molochnoj zhelezyIn the flow of everyday life is women themselves, unfortunately, give little importance to the prevention of such dangerous diseases as breast cancer and caught very late stage at which it is very difficult to help. Advocating diagnosis of breast cancer, after all, does the job, and the number of women wishing to undergo a preventive examination, regularly increasing, and this circumstance significantly increases the chances of recovery. This procedure using the latest medical techniques significantly increases the chances of early disease and, after treatment of breast cancer, to recover.

In the European countries discussing the possibility of a full examination (screening) of all women. If the program is approved, mammography will pass all women over fifty years of age every two years. Such a requirement is not like all doctors, some of them challenged the effectiveness of screening, but you can't dispute the fact that early diagnosis could save the life of 50% of the women who, unfortunately, died.

Doctors recommend all women to conduct regular self-monitoring of the mammary glands by the method of probing, but, unfortunately, it is possible to identify very few cases of cancer tumors. Not all tumors can be identified by tactile ,very small nascent carcinoma can be seen only by specially trained professionals for high-quality x-ray images.

There is great risk of developing breast cancer and be cured from this disease?

A great chance to recover there are women relating to so-called group of small or low-risk. More than 50 years, their menopause is over and their tumors at diagnosis are not very high. The hardest treatable cancer in young women. Often have very aggressive forms of the disease which are very difficult to defeat completely. After seemingly successful treatment often relapse of the disease. Amateur Smoking tobacco and taking birth control pills to treat high risk group. Susceptibility is further increased if these adverse factors are superimposed genetic predisposition to cancer in the family. In this case, someone from relatives of these women have already suffered from cancer.

Today's methods allow you to determine your risk through a gene test, but not all people with cancer genetic predisposition, they get sick. The impetus for the emergence of the disease can be environmental factors, and emotional background, and lifestyle.

Being overweight can also contribute to the disease. Bbw with significant excess weight, have a third higher risk than women supporting it in normal.

What are the chancesto survive and live a full life after treatment of breast cancer?

There are several stages of disease development, that the level of development of the pathology depends on the percentage of successful survival of the patients after treatment and surgery.

Consider the different stages of breast cancer:

  • A malignant tumor of two centimeters in diameter has not yet formed metastases, and compactly located within the breast tissue.
  • In patients with such a diagnosis the chances of recovery, and in this case survival of 97 % of patients. Unfortunately 3% die even with such a mild case of the disease.
  • 2.Stage (3-A) can be represented by several variants:
  • the tumor is not more than 2 cm, but has already captured the axillary lymph nodes.
  • tumor 2-5 cm but has not yet managed to capture the axillary lymph nodes survival 80% of patients
    1. 3.Stage(3), in which the tumor was able to capture not only next to breast tissue, and the ribs, muscles and skin of the breast.
  • 4.Stage (3-C) the tumor invaded lymph nodes near the collarbone, entire chest and all the fabrics at hand. In this case, the chance is only twenty percent of patients.
  • 5.Stage (4) the tumor invaded many parts of the body. To fight for the life and health of these patients is very difficult.

Overall, the survival rate, without taking into account the stage of the disease, is around eighty percent. It is important to note here that the data of statistical researches, given in open sources of European countries. Undoubtedly, the situation on the territory of CIS countries is not so rosy.

That provokes the appearance of breast cancer?

As well as all malignant neoplasms, breast tumor, are caused by the imbalance between the death of the old and growth of new cells. The mechanism of equilibrium is disturbed, and the young cells increase significantly (for this delicate balance of responsible genes BRCA1 or BRCA2). Not all the causes of the genetic defect is already installed, they can be psychological stress, stressresistance predisposition, various external influences.

Consider the varieties of cancer of the breast lesions

They depend on the tissue of the mammary gland, where a malignancy.

1.Cancer in the lesion.

Such malignant tumors in professional language is called "carcinoma in situ"

They have two types:

  • ductal is the most common form occurs in the ducts of the breast and spreads quickly
  • lobular is the cancer cells that spread to the lobes of the breast

2. The tumor turns into a dangerous "invasive carcinoma" and strikes close fabric

3.Very rare inflammatory form of breast cancer.

Its symptom is redness and inflammation of the mammary gland, the skin becomes lumpy and wavy. This is a very aggressive form, and only three women out of ten have a chance to recover.

What methods are used for the treatment of breast cancer?

Every year are expanding the possibilities and methods of treatment of cancer of the breast, they become more effective and diverse.

At the beginning of the treatment radiation therapy, if not enough, go into chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Cancer vaccines and methods with elements of genetic engineering clinical trials in the near future, in case of positive results, can be successfully applied


Surgery remove the tumor and nearby affected tissues of the breast is often sufficient and effective method of treatment of breast cancer
Today there arethe ability to keep blood vessels and nerves on the background of the removal of the affected lymph nodes and, thereby, greatly facilitate the rehabilitation of patients after surgery.

In some cases, before surgery hold special chemotherapy to reduce the cancer.

After successful chemotherapy, a surgery to remove the tumor with preservation of the breast.

Postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy

posleoperacionnaya luchevaya terapiya i himioterapiyaIn this case, after successful surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for a complete victory over the disease, and to deprive her of a chance to re-emerge. After this procedure, the cancer cells lose their ability to divide and die. While surgery and radiation therapy to achieve success is possible only in those parts of the body of the patient on which the operation is carried out and subsequent radiation therapy. Chemotherapy fights cancer cells throughout the body immediately, but has its drawbacks. Use drugs are unable to distinguish healthy cells from cancer patients. This method destroys part of the healthy tissue.

Currently, identification of hormone-dependent breast tumors. These malignant tumors stimulate its growth by using hormones, especially sex. Using the latest techniques doctors are deprived of sexual substances to provide a stimulating effect on cancer cells. Production of hormones and the sensitivity of receptors of the cancer is blocked. Disease is favored early first menstruation (menarche), late menopause, and no pregnancy. Hormone replacement therapy versus menopausal symptoms, which are applied for a period of more than ten years significantly increases the risk of getting sick. Therefore, the treatment of hormone-dependent breast cancer doctors try to suppress the production of substances either block the receptors of the cancer with which they are associated. This method finds all the large scope in the treatment of hormone-dependent breast cancer.

The newest methods of hormone therapy

novejshie metody gormonoterapiiHormone-dependent cancer can be destroyed by slowing down the synthesis of estrogen, thereby slowing growth and development of the primary tumor and its metastases in bones, liver and lungs. The method is currently tested on patients with advanced forms of the disease. In the future it is to be used as an accompanying therapy in the early stages. Doctors hope that this method will be very effective.

The possibility of the use of inhibitors of angio Genesis, which will be able to hinder the blood supply to cancer cells. Gene therapy can enhance the body's natural ability to fight malignant tumors.

Are in the development of cancer vaccines. Until they are clinical trials.